Amazon Deal of the Day: 7 Life changing kitchen products that you never knew you wanted

Updated on Aug 10, 2021 12:32 PM IST  |  140.8K
Amazon Deal of the Day: 7 Life changing kitchen products that you never knew you wanted
Amazon Deal of the Day: 7 Life changing kitchen products that you never knew you wanted

Ever wished for tools that made scaling off fishes less of pain or separating the egg white from the yolk more precise? Well, then your wish is granted as we bring to you 7 unusual kitchen products that will change your life forever. These ‘make cooking easy’ are a must-have in every household and are those that you never knew you wanted. As they are on sale, you better grab them all right away and make use of the deal of the day. These useful tools can get your work done easily and in minutes without creating any mess in the kitchen. Scroll on and start shopping. 


Silicone Oil Brush

This heat resistant silicone brush comes with a glass jar and is the best ever product you can find for marinating and baking dishes. The brush holds the right amount of oil and it is perfect for oiling pans, mopping BBQ sauces, buttering corn and brushing pastry.


Price: Rs 699

Deal: Rs 379

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Grain Dispenser

Wall-mounted dispensers are a great way to save space and also to keep in view the standard amount of grain taken in daily use. With easy stick-on installation, you can just get this contemporary addition to your kitchen.


Price: Rs 899

Deal: Rs 549

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Egg White Separator 

An egg a day keeps the doctor away! The protein addition to your daily diet is very important but most do want the white separated from the yolk and it has always been easier said than done. This egg yolk separator is a practical tool and is perfect for baking cakes, making egg custards, homemade mayonnaise and more. It's the perfect tool for amateur and professional cooks.


Price: Rs 225

Deal: Rs 196

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Silicone Stretch Lids

Another most common problem in the kitchen is finding the suitable lids and the necessary times you end up finding none. These stretchable silicone lids fit all sizes and You'll never need to find a matching lid again. They are reusable and keep your food items airtight.


Price: Rs 599

Deal: Rs 249

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Fish Scale Remover

These two fish cutting knives feature serrated edged teeth for quick and clean scale removal. You can easily remove scales quickly and safely without fuss with this kitchen accessory. It’s a  much needed practical tool to use in the kitchen.


Price: Rs 999

Deal: Rs 359

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Pineapple Cutter

The whole task of cutting a pineapple refrains us from eating it. But we no longer have to worry about that as this cutter will peel, core and slice a fresh pineapple in just 20 to 30 seconds.


Price: Rs 711

Deal: Rs 349

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Corn Stripper

This corn stripper tool will help you efficiently remove the kernel while at the same time it can collect the juice from the corn which you can use for your food to add taste to it. In addition to corn, it can also be used to grind other fruits and vegetables.


Price: Rs 999

Deal: Rs 444

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Get these unusual kitchen tools to speed up your cooking process and also do things easily without much strain.

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