Amazon Deal of the Day: 8 Products to rely on for making your cooking hours fun and simple

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Amazon Deal of the Day: 8 Products to rely on for making your cooking hours fun and simple

Cooking is an art and the right tools can help you master it. To save your time spent in the kitchen and also to save your money, today’s amazon deals come with a list of kitchen utilities that are a must buy. From strainers to pressure cookers, here are 8 products that you need on a daily basis for a healthy meal. And with the exciting offers from Amazon, these quality products come to your doorsteps at pocket-friendly prices. So don’t look back, just scroll on and start shopping.


Measuring spoon set

Confusing with the amount of salt and pepper to be added to your dishes? Well, this set of spoons can get that problem sorted! Each piece of this measuring spoon set has a strengthened magnetic centre allowing for easy tightly stacks together in the drawer.

Price: 17.00 USD

Deal of the Day: 15.99 USD

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Electric pressure cooker

This instant pressure cooker is built with the latest 3rd generation technology, microprocessor monitors pressure that monitors the temperature, time, and adjusts heating intensity and duration to achieve desired results every time. It comes with built-in safety features, including overheat protection, safety lock and more to ensure safe cooking.

Price: 99.95 USD

Deal of the Day: 79.00 USD

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These specially designed clips will fit nearly all round pots, pans, and big and small bowls. This modern strainer is a great option if you are working with limited counter space. They are also pretty cute to look at, ain’t they?

Price: 29.99 USD

Deal of the Day:15.99 USD

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Silicone utensils set

This outstanding set contains everything ranging from a spoon, spatula, mixing spoon, slotted spoon and slotted turner. The handles are crafted from authentic acacia hardwood that is known to last up to 40 years. Each utensil provides a perfectly balanced weight and elegant design that will spruce up your kitchen décor.

Price: 19.99 USD

Deal of the Day:18.99 USD

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Kitchen sink organizer tray

This silicon tray is water-resistant and provides enough space for your dishwashing accessories like sponges, brush scrubbers and liquid soap dispenser. It protects the sink area from soap scum or water and keeps wet sponges off the counter.

Price: 17.99 USD

Deal of the Day:12.99 USD

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Hand juicer

This hand-held lemon squeezer won't waste an ounce of juice! Yup, you heard that right. The hand-held press has an ergonomic design for comfort, even a kid can use this citrus press. It is durable and will not rust in reaction to juices. 

Price: 8.99 USD

Deal of the Day:7.63 USD

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Unlike other corers and slicers, this unique twin-blade apple cutter has a lever that will easily open, making it very easy to clean with a quick rinse. After coring your fruits and vegetables the blades simply open-up and dump the unwanted core for convenient disposal. You will be amazed by the ease and speed with which you will core fruits and veggies compared to other apple cutters or pitters.

Price: 10.99 USD

Deal of the Day:9.99 USD

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Pizza cutter wheel

This pizza cutter will leave you shocked with how easy it is to get a nice, clean-cut through your pizza. With its ergonomic handle and flawless finish, you won’t have to cut back and forth to keep your toppings where they belong - on your pizza.

Price: 15.95 USD

Deal of the Day: 11:85 USD

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