Amazon Deal of the Day: Tea time snacks and crispy things to munch during this blissful monsoon season

Updated on Jul 09, 2021 07:55 AM IST  |  199.4K
Amazon Deal of the Day: Tea time snacks and crispy things to munch during this blissful monsoon season

The monsoon is here and so is our will to snuggle in cosy blankets and binge watch series all day long. The best part of these rainy days is when you get a glass of hot masala chai in your hands with a plate full of crispy snacks to eat and enjoy the dark clouds and fresh smell of the earth. Tea breaks are very much necessary not just to satiate your hunger but also to give your mind and soul a small rejuvenation of worldly pleasure. So next time you make tea, grab these best tea-time snacks to make the experience more blissful.


Rusks are traditional dried bread or cake that are very crispy and a little hard on the teeth but you can make it a little soft by dipping it in your glass of tea. Rusks are for those whose tooth set is intact as we grow old there are high chances of us missing out on the perfect combination of tea and snacks.

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Well, most of you may be new to the concept of munching almonds while drinking tea. It is one of my personal favourites as it is both yummy and healthy. 

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Spicy bite-sized spirals of Bhakarwadi will make your chai-time even more enjoyable. They are mostly seen in the North of India and have a crunchy texture and flavours of traditional spices that makes them a perfect tea-time snack.

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Mysore Murukku

This is a popular savoury snack from south India with a mild taste. Made with a spiced mix of gram flour and rice flour, the murukku has a nice crunchy texture.

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The spiral-shaped murukku with a spiked surface and namkeen flavour is another variety that's perfect for tea breaks. Made with a mixture of rice flour, urad dal and coconut milk this rice murukku is a very tasty one that you just can’t stop munching on.

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Gujrati Khari Biscuits

Also called puff pastry biscuit, this Gujarati snack is consumed as an evergreen accompaniment for tea. Besides tea, you can also consume this Khari biscuit with a spread of your favourite jams, dips or sauce. These namkeen biscuits are very crispy, flaky, fluffy, salty and mouth-melting. 

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Cookies and Biscuits

Coconut cookies or butter biscuits are another set of best tea-time snacks. They balance the essence of your tea with its crispy sweetness. You can even keep them in your room or take them to your office for an evening snack!

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What’s your favourite tea time snack? Tell us in the comments below.

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