Apple Cider Vinegar for WEIGHT LOSS

Adding apple cider vinegar to you daily diet can immensely help you lose weight and the extra fat. Find out how.
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Apple cider vinegar is known for its health benefits since time immemorial. Acetic acid is the main active component of apple cider vinegar. Apart from helping in weight loss, this super special elixir also lowers blood sugar levels. According to studies, adding 1 or 2 tablespoons of apple cider vinegar to your diet can help you lose weight. It can also reduce your body fat percentage, make you lose belly fat and decrease your blood triglycerides.



Now, how can you add it to your daily diet? There are a few different ways to do so;



Use it with olive oil as a salad dressing (this can make the greens taste much better).

It can be used for pickling vegetables.

Also adding 1–2 tablespoons (15-30 ml) of apple cider vinegar in water and consuming it can also help in losing weight. It is best to spread this out into 2–3 doses throughout the day, and it may be best to drink it before meals. Be careful not to take more than the prescribed amount as an over dosage will have  potential harmful effects.It’s important to mix it with water, as undiluted vinegar may burn the inside of your mouth and oesophagus.



Taking apple cider vinegar in tablet form is not recommended as it comes with potentially large risks as cases fo severe damage to oesophagus has been reported.



Apart from promoting weight and fat loss, apple cider vinegar has a number of other health benefits too and it include; lowers blood sugar and insulin, decreases cholesterol levels, lowers blood pressure, improves PCOS symptoms, kills harmful bacteria and virus etc.



Basically, taking a moderate amount of apple cider vinegar appears to promote weight and fat loss and provide other health benefits.

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