Are people starting to venture into the outdoors? Here are 5 getaway destinations you can plan your escape to

Working from home gets a tad bit overwhelming, especially under current circumstances when going out isn’t an option and it is best advised to stay home. However, everyone needs a break and we are here to give you a list of destinations that you can plan your escape to and simply unwind.
sunset at the lake Are people starting to venture into the outdoors? Here are 5 getaway destinations you can plan your escape to
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If you are overworked and there’s no escape from long hours of working from home, this article is for you. All you need to do is plan your escape to the hills or the beaches or simply go on a long drive with your family and friends to catch a break from the mundane routine. We cannot afford a vacation under current circumstances, but with the right safety and precautions, we can certainly plan an uneventful escape to a remote destination that includes long scenic drives and beautiful scenery, one that doesn’t include concrete structures.

If you are craving to witness a breathtaking view of the hills or a sunset on the beach, look out for these 5 destinations and plan a weekend getaway with your loved ones right away! We all deserve a break once in a while. These are the driveable destination that you can plan a visit to amid all the COVID-19 chaos and crazy work from home hours.

1. McleodGanj

If you are craving the hills, this is the perfect choice of destination for all you mountain lovers. Located about 474 km from Delhi, it is a perfect long drive of 10-11 hours that will take you to the most beautiful, culturally influenced hill station that has multiple cafes and nature trails that you can enjoy.

2. Landsdowne

A quaint little town in Uttarakhand, it is ideal for people who are seeking some peace and quiet. Located 258 km from Delhi, it makes for a perfect long drive and the Oak trees and Pine forests will mesmerise and leave your relaxed and refreshed, ready to kickstart your work with excitement after coming back.

3. Damdama lake

Located in Sohna district of Gurgaon, this pristine lake is a visual treat to the eyes and something that you need after long straining hours of work and looking into your laptop screens. The lake overlooks the majestic Aravali hills and has a quiet corner where you can plan a small picnic of four with snacks and drinks. 

4. Pelhar dam

If you Mumbaikars want some fresh air and catch a quick break to start afresh, this is the ideal choice for you to find your escape in nature. A mesmerizing road trip that will lead you to a beautiful destination with waterfalls and greenery all around, now that is a hidden treasure that you can’t resist. 

5. Chandlai lake

A picturesque lake that is located on the outskirts of Jaipur, the Chandlai lake is a pit-stop for migratory birds and an attraction for locals to come here to catch a glimpse of the pristine water body. You can spot a range of birds here like Palla’s Gull, Ruddy Shelduck, Pied Avocet and more. You can also arrange a picnic with social distancing followed as it does not get much crowd.

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