Are you a Chinese food lover? Here are 5 Chinese dishes to cook at home during quarantine

If you fancy Chinese food and miss the desi tadka in your Hakka noodles, here are 5 easy to go Chinese recipes to dish out and relish your favourtie cuisine at home. Find out more.
Chinese foodAre you a Chinese food lover? Here are 5 Chinese dishes to cook at home during quarantine
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Been stuck indoors for an eternity and not being able to go outdoors to savour your favourite cuisine is surely terrible, but there is nothing much you can do as safety comes first. In times like this when eating out or ordering in is a formidable task, it is best to look up online recipes and take to cooking at home to prevent yourself from catching a virus. Now is the time when you garner new skills and perfect your art of cooking whilst developing new culinary skills during the quarantine.

Chinese cuisine with a desi twist is a favourite amongst many in this country. The diverse taste of spices and herbs in noodles, manchurian and chowmein, there is no end to experimenting with flavours when it comes Indo-Chinese food. Here are 5 such Chinese food dishes that are easy to make at home and relish with your family and friends.

1. Dumplings

One of the most loved street food items, originating from the North East in India, these small round sized dumplings are pure love filled with different types of stuffing like pork, vegetables, lamb or more.

2. Hot and sour noodle soup

This soup is serving major goals for comfort food, with refreshing flavours and ingredients, you can make this soup at home with the help of rice vermicelli noodles or Italian vermicelli noodles and add ingredients according to your preference. A piping hot bowl of soup is just what you need during winters. 

3. Chicken chop suey

Cooked in oyster sauce, soy sauce and sesame oil, you can toss vegetables or leftover meat and serve hot. You can add ingredients like spices and chilli flakes or green chilli to give it a spicy hint. 

4. Kung pao chicken

Another spicy dish to add to your palate, this dish uses Sichuan peppercorns and dried red chilli to spice it up. It is served with rice to balance out the taste. 

5. Chicken lo mein

This is the ultimate go-to Chinese dish for all Chinese food lovers. It is made with egg noodles in a savoury sauce and stir-fried with meat or vegetables according to your preference. You can also include ingredients like mushroom, carrots and sugar.

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