Are you a Chocolate lover? THESE are the WEIRDEST flavours that you must try

Is your refrigerator chock-a-block with chocolates? How about you give these weirdest chocolate flavours a try?
Are you a Chocolate lover? THESE are the WEIRDEST flavours that you must try
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Most of us wouldn’t think twice before declaring ourselves as great fans of chocolate. The forbidden treasure from our childhood has thankfully proved to be a healthy food item that can combat several problems such as heart ailments, premature ageing and even weight loss issues! Chocolates are not just a great flavouring agent and dessert, they are also some of the most commonly gifted food items. Chocolates can lift your mood instantly and even relieve you of minor cramps and aches. And as popularised by our favourite movies, chocolates can fix near about the worst heartbreaks. If stocking up on chocolate is what you do with extreme passion, let’s see if you are brave enough to try these weird chocolate flavours at least once!

1.  Green tea

If you have ever visited Japan, you must have come across green tea flavoured chocolate wafers. One of the most common flavours of chocolate in Japan, green tea is combined with matcha tea to give the chocolate a unique flavour!

2. Wasabi

Wasabi with sushi, sure. But wasabi in chocolate, weird! Yet wasabi has been used as a flavouring agent for chocolate for its tarty taste. Thankfully the spiciness of wasabi is quickly calmed by the rich chocolatey flavours of milk chocolate!

3. Mushrooms

Turns out shiitake mushrooms have also found their place in chocolates! The mushrooms taste quite similar to caramel, so it complements the richness of chocolates really well!

4. Goat cheese

Apparently goat cheese goes really well with dark chocolate. It is usually in the form of bon bons and the slightly sour taste of goat cheese eliminates the extreme bitterness of dark chocolate!

5. Chilli

Are you used to fighting the spiciness of chilli by popping in your favourite toffee? It seems chillis are common flavouring agents for chocolates, too! It adds a zest and savoury kick to the chocolate and makes it taste extra delightful!

6. Ginger

Ginger complements chocolate really well. If you like gingerbread, you’ll really enjoy ginger flavoured chocolates.

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