Are you craving street food on a diet? Binge on THESE healthy yet delicious options

Street food is considered unhealthy for our balanced diets and fitness routines. But we fail to notice some of the street foods are packed with nutrients and can be very healthy as compared to the snacks we consume.
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No one can resist street food. That food lying in those stalls can be very tempting. It’s nearly impossible to resist it after you’ve seen it and smelled it. The aroma of the chaat masala and the sight of these delicacies can make us want it more. But what are you supposed to do when you’re on a healthy diet and cannot afford to disrupt it for a mere temptation? You’ve been depriving yourself of all your favorite food just so you can lose some weight or flab and stay fit. Street food is normally considered very unhealthy but maybe it’s not what we really think it is. Street food can make for a healthy snack every once in a while. It’s good as long as you don’t overdo it. Here are some really healthy street foods that you can consume without disrupting your diet.

1. Bhutta

Also known as corn, it is an amazing snack when it’s raining cats and dogs. It may seem like an unhealthy choice of street food but it actually has really fewer calories and fats. It is packed with antioxidants and a great source of nutrition.

2. Eggs

Some warm anda bhurji or omelette pav is a heavenly combination. When you want a snack in the middle of the night, the anda bhurji stall is a great idea because eggs are rich in vitamins. They keep your nourished and your body healthy.

3. Bhelpuri

It is made of puffed rice and has very few calories. It is a great way to feel full and to remain healthy. It keeps you from eating more and gives your body a healthy amount of carbs.

4. Dosa

A dosa or two can’t do any harm to your diet because it is made of rice batter and dal. Both of these things are a great source of proteins and nutrients. It also has amino acid and has very few calories. The vegetables in it also make it healthier and nutritious. 

5. Sandwich

The street stalls make the best sandwiches. We tend to think they may be unhealthy for our diets but they contain vegetables and most sandwich stalls have an option of making it in brown bread. You can also skip out on grilled or toasted sandwiches if you want to go oil-free.

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