Are you drinking too much coffee? THESE subtle signs can help to understand

Updated on Sep 30, 2020 05:40 AM IST  |  806K
Are you drinking too much coffee? THESE subtle signs can help to understand
Are you drinking too much coffee? THESE subtle signs can help to understand

When we feel sleepy and less-energetic, then a hot cup of coffee is always there to make us feel refreshed. The caffeine in the brew helps us to feel energised. This hot beverage has many health benefits as well. But as you know, nothing is beneficial when you overconsume it.

Overconsumption of any food or drink has its own adverse effects that can increase the risk of many health issues even. The same goes for the overconsumption of coffee which has many health risks. So, are you sure that you are not drinking too much coffee? Well, these signs can help you to understand.

Read below to know the signs that can tell if you are drinking too much coffee.

Unwanted symptoms

If you are having certain unwanted symptoms like headache, fast heartbeat, irritability etc. then there is a possibility of drinking too much coffee. These are all caused by the caffeine content in the brew. So, limit your intake of coffee.


Sleep problems

If you are drinking coffee later in the evening, then you may want to rethink about it. Because coffee can really affect your sleep pattern making your awake for a long time. The caffeine can really stay in your body for three to five hours which will cause sleep problems at night. So, change the time.

Not feeling energised

Coffee is always known to make you feel energised and refreshed. But overconsumption will ultimately make you sleepless and you will wake up feeling more tired. This will be your regular cycle that will keep making you feel tired all the time.


Coffee is acidic that irritates the lining of our gut causing heartburn. So, if you have acid reflux and heartburn throughout the day, then maybe it’s because of your overconsumption of coffee.


Upset stomach

When you are drinking too much coffee on an empty stomach, then it will also cause stomach ache and nausea along with heartburn.

You are stressed and dehydrated

You might be drinking too much coffee to stay up late for work frequently, but this will eventually leave you highly stressed. Because the caffeine increases cortisol levels, a stress hormone. It also has diuretic that impacts the normal hydration of your body. As a result, you feel thirsty frequently.

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