Are you a Pav Bhaji fan? Here’s an easy 5 step recipe of Mumbai style Pav Bhaji

The famous Mumbai street food Pav Bhaji can be made at home with the same iconic taste and flavours in these 5 easy steps.
Are you a Pav Bhaji fan? Here’s an easy 5 step recipe of Mumbai style Pav Bhaji
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The iconic Mumbai dish, Pav bhaji is famous all over the country. It is a street food loaded with spices and butter. It is absolutely delectable and delicious. Anyone going to Mumbai has to try this delicacy once while sitting on the Juhu beach. Bhaji in Marathi means vegetable and Pav means bread roll. 

The Bhaji is a mix of spices and vegetables with dollops of butter on top. This dish is no longer limited to just Mumbai and is now available all over India. Try this simple 5-step recipe to make this famous street dish at home.

Step 1

Boil 4-5 potatoes in a pressure cooker and peel them. Mash these potatoes and keep aside. Grind some garlic and ginger to make a thick paste and keep it aside.

Step 2

In a pan, add 3 tbsp butter and the garlic and ginger paste. Cook this for a minute till the to get rid of the rawness. Add chopped onion, tomatoes, capsicum, a handful of peas and the potatoes. Mash all of them.

Step 3

Put 1 tsp red chilli powder, salt, ½  tsp turmeric, 1 tsp pav bhaji masala, 1 tsp fenugreek powder and some coriander leaves in the pan.

Step 4

In another pan, add a dollop of butter and slit the pav into two and lightly toast them in butter till they turn brown.

Step 5

To serve it in true Mumbai-style, take a steel plate and put the bhaji and the pav. Finely chop some onions and put them on the plate. Squeeze half a lemon on the bhaji and top it with loads of butter.

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