Are you recovering from COVID 19? Here are a few expert approved do’s and don’ts you need to follow

Recovering from the deadly virus can be difficult which is why we’re here with a list of dos and don’ts you need to follow.
Are you recovering from COVID 19? Here are a few expert approved do’s and don’ts you need to follow Are you recovering from COVID 19? Here are a few expert approved do’s and don’ts you need to follow
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The COVID-19 pandemic has taken the world by storm. It has hit millions of people by now and while some are losing the battle, most of them are recovering at their own pace. If you are someone who is self-quarantining or recovering from the virus, you’re not alone. While resting and taking good care of yourself is of utmost importance, here are a few do’s and don’ts by Integrative nutritionist and health coach, Neha Ranglani you need to follow to make your road to recovery a lot easier: 

Do’s for post covid recovery: 

1. Eat a rainbow:

The more colour on your plate, the lower your inflammation and faster recovery to help your bounce back stronger. Make sure your meal includes healthy foods in all kinds of colours. This ensures that you get all-around nutrition without having to pop a plethora of medicines.

2. Don't take your sleep for granted: 

Get your 7 hours of sleep to help your cells repair and detoxify. Sleep is of utmost importance to regulate your bodily functions especially when you are recovering from a virus. It helps the immune system to fight the virus effectively while using less energy. If you’re losing sleep because of the virus and stress, make sure to practise breathing exercises to induce sleep. 

3. Breathe: 

Focus on deep belly breathing as much as possible to reduce stress and strengthen your lungs. The virus has taught us how important oxygen is for our body and deep breathing helps in amplifying it. 

4. Hydrate: 

Keep sipping water and electrolyte-rich liquids like coconut water lemon water and vegetable juices to help eliminate toxins and speed up your recovery. Since your body gets tired of fighting the virus, it needs constant hydration and sipping on these drinks will only help you feel better. Due to the virus most covid patients find it difficult to gulp solid foods which is why sipping on drink is the best way to keep the energy levels up. 

Don'ts for post covid recovery: 

1. Keep away from refined sugar as it can add to the inflammation. We understand that difficult and stressful times make you want to reach out for sugary food but while it can comfort you, it will only worsen your condition. Consuming dates, jaggery or coconut sugar instead of refined sugar can work as a great alternative. 

2. Avoid heavily processed foods like cereals, biscuits, chips as they can to the toxic load in your system. Stick to natural food that is easy to eat and digest. Your body is already fighting the virus and it needs to consume all its energy there instead of trying to digest heavily processed food. Having a nutritious meal consisting of all kinds of vitamins is all you need! 

3. Once you have almost started to say goodbye to the virus, make sure to still take things slowly. Your body has already been through a lot. So, avoid heavy exercising as it can put a strain on your already weakened muscles and joints. Instead opt for moderate exercises, start with few reps and build it up. 

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