Benne Dosa to Adai Dosa: 5 Types of Dosas you should try at least once

Types of Dosa: Aside from Rawa dosa, Paper Dosa and Mysore Masala dosas, there are several variants of it. Check out the list right here.

Dosa is a very popular dish across the world. It is one of the staples in India and I think dosa (and its numerable varieties) are available in the very corner of India. Most of us, especially people from middle and frrom North India must have tried at least the super popular ones such as Sada paper dosa, Aloo based Masala dosa, Rawa dosa and Mysore masala dosas for sure. But aside from these few, there are several local and authentic dosa variants from South Indian states that need to be highlighted.

And that's why today I have compiled certain types of dosas which you should try at least once. But as I said, there are several types of dosas and I have covered only some today in this particular list, so let us know in the comment section which ones are NOT in the list and I will create another list on that. Also, this compilation has only authentic types of dosas which are commonly found in South Indian states but not really well-known in northern states. Also, I have not included fusion-based like Chocolate or Chinese ones as that can be a different list altogether. 


1. Neer Dosa

I was not aware of this variant of dosa until my friend introduced this to me. And if you have not tried it yet, then check out the recipe video below. We have to thank Karnataka for this delicious delicacy. For the unversed, neer means water and the batter of this variant is very runny. 

2. Benne Dosa

This variant was originated from the city of Davangere in Karnataka, India. For the unversed, benne means butter. It is prepared with rice, urad dal and puffed rice and it is topped with a generous amount of freshly prepared butter. It is mostly served with a spiced potato dish and chutney. Want to try Benne Dosa? Check out the recipe tutorial right below.


3. Set Dosa

Set Dosa aka Sponge Dosa looks similar to a pancake. And is enjoyed with curries and chutney. This easy dosa recipe is made with rice, urad dal and flattened rice aka poha. Mostly it is served in a set of 3 dosas in one serving and usually served with Kurma. 

4. Adai Dosa

Unlike other dosas, Adai dosa is thick and heavier and is made from rice, a combination of lentils with spices. Many people like to have Adai Dosas with mixed vegetable preparation called Avial. Check out the recipe right below.


5. Pesarattu (Green Gram Dosa)

Pesarattu is a dosa like preparation and the recipe hails from Andhra Pradesh. It is s prepared from moong dal. This is one of the healthiest dishes you can have for your breakfast. It is mostly served with a combination of upma and allam chutney. Check out the video tutorial and prepare this at home today.

Other notable mentions: Tuppa Dosa, Podi Dosa, Kal dosa, Heerekai dosa, Kara dosa and Gothambu dosa.

Which is your favorite type of dosa? Let us know in the comment section below.

Credits:, Youtube
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