Biryani Dos and Don'ts: Follow THESE chef approved ways to make a perfect biryani

Biryani Dos and Don'ts: Follow these important tips in order to make a perfect biryani. Read on to know more.
Food & Travel,biryani,Biryani Dos and Don'tsBiryani Dos and Don'ts: Follow THESE chef approved ways to make a perfect biryani
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Without an iota of doubt, Biryani is one of the popular and favourite dishes in the world. Biryani aficionados make sure to eat this dish every now and then. And some are trying hard and getting their hands on Biryani during lockdown as well. On Monday, on the occasion of Eid, I am sure many of us devoured this finger-licking dish. The sight of tender and spiced meat nestling on saffron-hued rice glistening with ghee can make anyone's mouth water. 

There are several steps while preparation of one of the finest dishes. Right from the frying of onions to perfection to ideally marinating the meat to having a delicate balance of spice, fragrance and flavours to exact time to cook rice to the right amount of Dum, we have to be a pro or follow the rules to get it PERFECT. If you are a Biryani connoisseur and want to know how to ace it every time, then read on. We asked two chefs to share some important Biryani dos and dont's. 

Chef Milan Gupta- Head chef at Taftoon Bar & Kitchen has shared the following tips:

The right choice of rice 
It should be well-aged, flavourful. Long or short grain is a regional choice, for example, Dundigal biryani is known for its short round grains while most others are long-grain varieties. Well-aged raw rice can be identified by the translucence and pale look in it. The opaqueness or whiteness of it shows it's not aged yet.

The meat
It should be fresh to have some amount of fat and not totally lean. The fat not only adds flavour but also ensures the meat does not get dry through the long process of cooking.

The Dahi
Yoghurt wich is used in the marination is a critical ingredient and it should not be too sour or sweet...the right kind of acidity will add to a better result.

Fried onions
Fried onions or brista can be made in advance and stored. Also, while frying the onions you should focus on it and it can't be left unattended. The onions must be removed when they turn nice and golden and not later as the cooking or browning continues even after removing from the oil. Make sure to pick out any burnt slivers to avoid bitterness.

The Stove
It is best to cook biryani on a wood fire on slow heat. But you can prepare on the gas stove the burner which has a wide base that can heat most of the base.

Make sure never serve the biryani with very strongly flavoured Salan as it will tend to overpower the main dish. It should be mild. Another best accompaniment is a Raita made with your choice of ingredients.

Biryani dos and don'ts by Chef Ishijyot Surri, Executive Chef, SJI Hospitality and Foods Private Limited. 

Try and use the fresh ingredients; be it vegetables or meats (chicken/meats). Try and avoid using frozen vegetables or frozen meats. Avoid using ingredient replacements such as dry mango powder instead of fresh lime juice or dried mint leaves instead of fresh mint leaves. 

Marinate time
While making any biryanis such as chicken biryani or meat biryani ensure that the meats are marinated for at least an hour. It ensures the meats are tenderized and the flavours have penetrated the meat.

Usage of Fats
While preparing biryani always use ghee (clarified butter) and avoid using anything such as refined oil or mustard oil or hydrogenated fats e.g. vanaspati ghee.

While preparing biryani to ensure the vessel used is flat bottom and not the deep bottom. The vessel that would be ideal to cook biryani is a Handi. This would ensure that the rice is not overcooked. 

Cooking of rice
Ensure that the rice is cooked correctly and not overcooked. Each grain of cooked rice should be separate and not sticking together.

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