#Bizarre: Food combinations that sound weird but taste supremely delicious

There are some food items that are known for their unique taste and combination. They sound bizarre but taste delicious. Read below to find out more about such food items.
#Bizarre: Food combinations that sound bizarre but taste supremely delicious
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Indian food is considered as one of the best food in the world. Be it the traditional dal rice or paratha, we Indians, love our food. More than loving our desi food, we also love to experiment with it. We add some unique western flavours to our dish and make it more tasty and popular. Right from inventing desi Chinese to trying different Indo-Western food combinations, we surely know how to take care of our taste buds. 


If you like to experiment with your food, then here are some bizarre Indo-Western food combinations that sound unusual when put together but taste heavenly. Read below to find out what these weird food combinations are. 


Chicken samosa:


When we think about samosa, the potato and peas filling instantly come to our mind. Samosa is relished throughout India as a favourite tea-time snack. And now how about giving it a slight twist by adding some chicken to it? Sounds heavenly right? Well, chicken-filled samosas are a thing now and are quite popular too. 


Chinese bhel:


We Indians love our desi Chinese and have invented some brand new dishes too. And one such dish is Chinese bhel. Deep-fried noodles mixed with finely-chopped onions and other veggies along with chilli sauce and garlic paste tastes delicious. It's a perfect snack for people who enjoy having spicy food. 


Motichoor cheesecake:


This one is the latest on the block and is quite famous too. Cheesecake in itself is lip-smackingly delicious, and combining it with our desi ladoo is the best thing ever. The softness of the cheese and the crunchy biscuit-base infused with motichoor is perfect for a unique dessert. 


Nutella Paratha:


The word paratha reminds us of aloo paratha and gobi paratha. It's one staple breakfast dish that's widely popular in many households. And if you want to add some bizarre twist to your paratha, then you must try Nutella paratha. It's chocolatey and is perfect for dessert and also for breakfast. 


Tofu Biryani:



This biryani is getting a big thumbs up from vegans around the world. It is your traditional biryani with flavours but instead of meat or paneer, it has tofu. Tofu biryani is the healthiest option there is when it comes to the Mughlai dish. 


Manchurian Khakhra:


Khakra is not just a Gujarati household thing anymore. It has become a worldwide dish and is enjoyed by many as a tea-time snack. Right from Methi Khakhra to Plain Khakhra there are multiple flavours that one can choose from. But one flavour that completely stands out is Manchurian flavoured khakhra. It has Chinese flavour added to which makes khakhra even better. 


Vodka Panipuri:


When it comes to pani puri some like it spicy, some like it sweet but the invention of vodka pani puri has all of us loving the combo. From mint-based vodka water to imli wali vodka pani puri, you can never go wrong with this dish. 


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