Bizarre Foods: THESE Weird dishes items that are only eaten in India

India is not only known for its culture and traditions, it's also known for some of its weird food dishes. Read below to find out some food items that are only available in India.
Bizarre Foods: THESE Weird dishes items that are only eaten in India
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India is a land of a distinct culture, and people from different ethnicity live in India. Right from the traditions to festivals to food, we Indians have too much of everything. Food plays an important role in our culture since it helps us understand our roots and culture in a better way. Be it kebabs from Lucknow or puchka from Kolkata, every place in India is known for its unique food.


However, when it comes to food, some food items are bizarre and are only available in India. You will be surprised to know that just like royal kebabs and biryanis, people enjoy eating silkworms and rotten potatoes in India.

Here are some food items that are unique and only available in India. 

1. Onion Halwa


Just like we relish gajar halwa and moong dal halwa, some people also relish onion ka halwa. It is made by frying onions in butter and then cooking it on low flame with some milk and sugar. 


2. Khorisa


This dish is widely popular in Assam. It's an Assamese dish that contains grated bamboo shoot and is usually consumed fermented, raw or in pickled form. 


3. Black rice


Just like red rice and brown rice is popular and staple in South India, black rice which is also known as magic rice is eaten in Manipur, Kerala and North Bengal. It's highly nutritious and is prefered by many. 


4. Phan Pyut


We all love to have potatoes in any form. But some people also like to have potatoes in the eastern part of India. The potatoes are allowed to rot in the soil. Then they are taken out, treated with spices and eaten.


5. Benami Kheer


This kheer is not like your ordinary kheer. The main ingredient of this kheer is garlic. Yes, crushed garlic is cooked for hours in milk and that's how it gets its nutty flavour.


6. Red ant chutney


Now, this is one of the most bizarre dishes. It is favoured by local tribes in Chhattisgarh. Known as chaprah this red ant chutney is delicious, tangy and is something that locals swear by.  


7. Nahkham


It looks like your ordinary fish dish, but it's a Garo tribe dish, which is made with dried and salted fish and blended with distilled ashes and vegetables. The dish has a terrible smell!


Have you ever tasted any of these dishes? Let us know in the comments section below. 


Wrong! The most bizarre dishes in India are nepo-kids that are fried, broiled, baked and sautéed by Karan Joker and served to us poor audience.

I don't think that any of these items mentioned are consumed in India

Not as weird as eating bats,snakes and civet pigs leading to unheard of diseases like Ebola,SARS and Corona...India does not even make it to the bizarre list

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