Bored of travelling for hours? Doing THESE things will make your commute more productive

Travelling for long hours can be really tiresome. So if you want to give yourself some break from the usual traffic, then here are somethings that you can do to keep yourself entertained.
Bored of travelling for hours? Doing THESE things will make your commute more  productiveBored of travelling for hours? Doing THESE things will make your commute more productive
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It doesn't matter if you take a train, a metro, a bus or self drive yourself to work, commuting daily is a task these days. Bad traffic, rush in public transport can make your commuting unpleasant and long. The time you spend on the road or in a train is a time that adds nothing to your meaningful day. Traffic and rush make you more irritable and stresses your out more. And if you are someone who has to travel from one part of the city to another part, then it's all the more irritating for you. Research further suggests that long commutes are also linked to several health problems: stress, insomnia, weight gain and high blood pressure. 


And if you are someone who is already tired of commuting daily, then here are some things that you can do to make your commute a little less stressful. These things will not only help you de-stress yourself but will also allow you to do something that's not related to work. 


Update yourself:


Don't get time to know what's happening in the world? Now is the ideal time to update yourself. Listen to the news on the radio or carry a newspaper to make sure you are all caught up with worldly news. It'll help you make small conversations at the workplace and will save you from listening to unnecessary banter that happens while travelling. 


Connect with people:


If you are planning to call a friend or acquaintance from a while, then use your travelling time to do so. You can call your friends, relatives and co-workers(if needed) and utilise your commute time well.


Watch your favourite show:


Want to watch season 2 of your favourite show, but don't get time once you get back from work? Use your commute time to train your brain to get out of work mode and relax before you are home. Watch a movie or a show instead of scrolling through Instagram or Facebook. 




Long hours at work often leave you exhausted. Calm yourself while you’re on your way to (or back from) work by practising deep breathing exercises. Close your eyes and breathe. It is a great way to feel centred and at peace with yourself after a crazy day at work.




If you are thinking of taking a little trip, then you should plan for it while commuting. Read some articles, watch some videos and plan your trip smartly. So that once when you are home, you can do other things instead of planning your trip. 




If you are someone who loves to read, but don't get enough time to finish your favourite novel. Then utilise the commuting to read. Carry books or magazines with you or invest in an e-reader like Kindle to make your journey more interesting and less bothersome. 


Take a quick nap:


Haven't slept well or have had too much work throughout the day? Well, taking a nap is not at all a bad idea then. A small nap will not only rejuvenate your body, but it'll also make you more energetic and happy. 

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