From boring to brilliant: Sauces and seasonings that can give your delicacies a GOURMET touch

Whip up scrumptious meals and tempt the taste buds with these sauces and seasonings in your kitchen.

Updated on Jan 24, 2022 05:54 AM IST  |  402.2K
From boring to brilliant: Sauces and seasonings that can give your delicacies a GOURMET touch
From boring to brilliant: Sauces and seasonings that can give your delicacies a GOURMET touch
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Do you feel slouchy when it comes to cooking? Invest in some lip smacking sauces and seasoning that can make your cooking sessions easy and a matter of minutes. Slide into the apron and look for the chef’s hat because you are no longer going to be a normal cook. The aroma and mouth melting flavours of these secret ingredients will amp up the taste of your delicacies and give it a gourmet touch. Scroll down to master the art of restaurant style cooking at home.


1. Traditional Green Pesto Sauce


This green pesto sauce is especially meant for tweaking your boring pizzas, lasagnas, vegetables, meats, sandwiches, bruschettas and pastas. This green pesto sauce has no preservatives and is gluten free. The soothing aroma of the basil leaves in this versatile sauce will make you irresistible. Bring this sauce home and try out delicious recipes with ease. 


Price: Rs. 499

Deal: Rs. 448

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2. Black Bean Dipping Sauce


This dipping sauce is ready to eat sauce that can complement any kind of snack. Be it nachos, sandwiches or momos, it can pretty much set the snack on fire. It is made up of black beans, vinegar, tomatoes and everything scrumptious yet spicy. The addictive taste of this black bean sauce will remind you of the Korean and Japanese cuisine that you binge watch sitting at home. 


Price: Rs. 515

Deal: Rs. 412

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3. Olive Pasta Sauce


This Italian pasta sauce will leave no space to replace your Korean food cravings. Now you can cook your favourite pizza, penne, sephagatti, fusilli, macaroni pasta, hakka noodles, rice or whole wheat noodles without compromising the Italian taste. This sauce is chunky and made up from plumpy black olives that gives a natural flavour to the sauce. 


Price: Rs. 219

Deal: Rs. 201

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4. Chow Mein Sauce and Seasoning


This sauce and seasoning is a dairy free combo that will make you crave for it everyday. The authentic aroma and flavour of this combo will make you a master chef of Chinese cuisine. Now you don't have to hunt for soya, chilli and vinegar sauce to spice up your Chinese dishes. Pour this chow mein sauce and seasoning onto your delicacies and enjoy the unforgettable taste of Chinese cuisine sitting at home. 


Price: Rs. 350

Deal: Rs. 315

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5. Smokey BBQ Seasoning


This BBQ seasoning will make you sink into the divine smokey flavour of the dishes. You can use this seasoning while preparing french fries, stuffed bites, grilled veggies, sandwiches, soups, stews as well as pizzas. This all purpose condiment has a blend of savoury herbs and spices that will add a tinge of deep smoky and sweet flavour to your boring meals. 


Price: Rs. 150

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6. Bagel Seasoning


This seasoning is especially made to spice up your bagel. Bagel is a round ring-like bread that looks similar to a donut. To add a twist in the taste, this bagel seasoning infused with garlic flakes, onion, sesame seeds is a sheer winner.Enjoy it with bread sticks, sandwiches, spreads, popcorn, roasted vegetables and much more. It blends beautifully with bread and makes the usual taste a bit unique. 


Price: Rs. 250

Deal: Rs. 245 

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7. Green Chilli Sauce


If you feel like paying homage to Chinese cuisine, then this green chilli sauce will help you out in minutes. This sauce is a must have if you are a die heart foodie when it comes to Chinese delicacies. The spicy flavour and hot aroma of the sauce is easy to digest and does not lead to acidity. 


Price: Rs. 55

Deal: Rs. 46

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8. Pepper Sauce


This pepper sauce is a beautiful amalgamation of red pepper, vinegar and salt. The American twist of the sauce will make your dishes lip smacking in a jiffy. No need to hunt for special masalas or other seasoning to whip up a scrumptious meal sitting at home. 


Price: Rs. 199

Deal: Rs. 159

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Hello to the would-be Chef! Time to call over your friends and families and impress them with your restaurant style cooking. Trust us or not, they are surely going to love the hatake twist that you are planning to add to your boring dishes. Welcome these sauces and seasonings to your kitchen and let them show their magic.


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