Breakfast for when you're in a rush : 5 reasons why Granola could be the PERFECT first meal

Most times before heading out, in order to miss the rush-hour traffic, we skip out on breakfast, which is supposed to be the most important meal of the day. Making for the perfect supplement here's why granola is your new go-to.
Breakfast on the run: 5 reasons why Granola could be the PERFECT breakfastBreakfast on the run: 5 reasons why Granola could be the PERFECT breakfast
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Granola is a healthy and tasty alternative to heavy breakfasts. It can be consumed as a breakfast cereal or mid-meal snacks as you like. Granola is a toasted mixture of incredibly healthy ingredients like oats, nuts, seeds, dried fruits and chocolates that can be added to suit your taste. Here are a few reasons why Granola could be a perfect breakfast.

Keeps you full and satisfied

Granola contains a healthy balance of proteins and fibres that influence hunger hormones like ghrelin to slow down the emptying process of the stomach and increase digestion time. When you consume Granola in the morning, it keeps you full for a longer period.

Improved cognitive performance

Consuming granola for breakfast can help you refuel your body and boost your performance at work and school. It maintains a healthy relationship between your gut and brain. A healthier gut promotes healthy brain functioning. Nutritious ingredients in granola help in increasing clean blood flow and oxygen to the brain that boosts your cognitive performance.

Helps you maintain a healthy body weight

Eating breakfast can keep you from the risk of being overweight and obese. Consuming granola for breakfast improves satiety responses and prevents unhealthy munching. It's known that those who eat breakfast are more active which means they burn more calories. Starting your day with healthy granola seems a great idea for managing body weight.

Kick-start your metabolism

Consuming granola for breakfast helps you kick start your metabolism in the morning. When you wake your metabolism early helps you burn some extra calories throughout the day. 

Improves your vitamin and mineral absorption

Granola is power-packed with oats, nuts and seeds that are a rich source of essential vitamins and minerals. Eating granola for breakfast will provide your body with a range of nutrients like Omega 3, vitamins B, C, E, K and minerals like magnesium, zinc and calcium.

About the author: Ms Purvi Pugalia is the Founder of Munchilicious Granola

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