Bubble Tea: Here's everything you should know about THIS Taiwanese tea

Bubble tea has gained popularity through out the world. Read below to find out about the health benefits and side effects of this taiwanese tea, which is also known as a boba tea.
Bubble Tea: Here's everything you should know about THIS Taiwanese teaBubble Tea: Here's everything you should know about THIS Taiwanese tea
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When it comes to consuming tea, most of us love to experiment with our tea. Be it green tea, peach ice tea, black tea or even tandoori tea, we have tried it all. And one more tea that's taking the world by storm is the bubble tea. Bubble tea has become an overnight sensation in the Asian market. This tea has not only gained popularity in Japan, China, Hong Kong and Singapore, but Indians love this tea as well. 

This Taiwanese is known for its sweetness, exclusive ingredients and an extensive range of flavours. Bubble tea is considered to be a guilt-free drink to indulge in. Bubble tea is made by blending tapioca pearls, milk and iced tea and is also called boba milk tea. If you are someone who loves this tea or wants to try this tea at least once, then read below to find out the benefits and side effects of this unique tea. 


What is bubble tea? 

Bubble tea is made using a scoop of tapioca pearls, fruits, fruit puree, flavoured syrups and loads and loads of sugar. The mixture was shaken until everything is well blended. What you get, as a result, is a nationwide favourite, bubble tea.


Bubbles or tapioca pearls, which are found at the bottom of the glass of bubble tea, are from the starch extracted from cassava roots, a vegetable found in South America. They are brewed in hot water mixed with sugar.


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Health benefits of bubble tea: 

Apart from being low in calories, bubble tea is known for its high calcium content. Research further suggests that the tapioca pearls used in bubble tea contains several essential vitamins and minerals required by the body.


Some of the healthiest bubble tea with tapioca pearls and less of sugar contain iron- a mineral which is needed by the body to make haemoglobin and myoglobin, two essential proteins present in the blood and muscle tissue.



Bubble tea also has a small amount of zinc, copper, selenium and manganese. These minerals are required by the body when it comes to helping with protein synthesis, regular brain function and more.


Green tea, which is one of the most popular flavours of bubble tea, contains a wide range of antioxidants such as catechins and polyphenols, all of which can boost the immune system by preventing oxidative stress.


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Side effects of Bubble tea:


Various research suggests that the tapioca pearls founds in this famous tea contain harmful chemicals which can harm your body. Hence, the tea should be consumed in moderation. And one should try switching for healthy flavour options instead of  using sugar syrups. 



Since bubble tea is loaded with sugar and tapioca balls are a rich source of carbohydrates, this beverage isn’t for people who have diabetes.


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