Californian Vegan Tofu Steak: Try this recipe to make your taste buds sing in delight

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Californian Vegan Tofu Steak: Try this recipe to make your taste buds sing in delight

Tofu is not only a healthy substitute to cottage cheese, but it is extremely healthy and versatile. It is made using soy, water and a curdling agent. Tofu is touted as an excellent source of protein, amino acids, iron and calcium. It is also low in calories, saturated fat and cholesterol. While it is a staple in Chinese and Thai cuisines, many Indian dishes are now prepared using Tofu. 

A favourite among fitness enthusiasts, Tofu can be scrambled, fried, baked and whipped into deeply flavoured, delicious and healthy dishes. If you too want to whip up a delicious dish with tofu, look no more. Today, we are sharing with you a mouthwatering recipe shared with us by Chef Mohit Tak by Taj Mahal, New Delhi. 

Find the recipe for Californian Vegan Tofu Steak right below. 


Silken Tofu - 200 gms 

Baby Spinach -100 gms

Cep Mushrooms - 50 gms

Porcini Mushrooms - 50 gms

Fresh Parsley - 10 gms      

Fresh Basil - 10 gms

Fresh Sage - 10 gms          

Micro Greens - 10 gms

Wild Garlic - 20 gms

Onions - 50 gms 

Olive Oil - 100 ml

Black Pepper Crushed - 5 gms         

Rock Salt - 2 gms

Paprika Powder - 2 gms

Quinoa - 20 gms

Method of Cooking        

1. In a pan, heat olive oil, sauté onion and garlic, season with fresh sage, paprika powder, and black salt. 

2. Now make a fine paste of the mixture and divide it into two parts.

3. Marinade the steak of the tofu with one half of the mixture and grill it on a slow flame.

4. Boil and soak the quinoa, make another paste of the soaked quinoa with the remaining second half of the mixture.

5. In a pan sauté the baby spinach, fresh sage, parsley, and basil.

6. Cut the cep mushrooms in a rectangle shape and grill them from both the sides.

7. Boil the Porcini mushroom and make a smooth puree of it mixing with wild garlic, olive oil, black salt, and black pepper.

8. Apply the porcini mushroom puree on the grilled cep mushrooms.

9. Pour the quinoa paste on the base of the plate overlapping the grilled steak of the tofu and the sautéed greens.

10. Garnish it with the microgreens.  

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