Check out this step by step guide to eat prawns the right way

Prawns can be quite tricky to eat, especially when you are in a restaurant. So follow the steps given below to eat prawns correctly without creating a mess!
Check out this step by step guide to eat prawns correctly Check out this step by step guide to eat prawns correctly
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Seafood, while being incredibly delicious, can be pretty messy to eat. While eating seafood, we tend to get stressed out and panicky. When it comes to prawns, they offer several health benefits. Prawns are a great source of unsaturated fats that can improve your blood cholesterol levels. Apart from this, they are also loaded with Omega-3 fatty acids, which can reduce inflammation and improve your health.


Eating prawns the correct way can be tricky. You need to first get rid of the head and the tail of the prawns before eating them. So we have for you a step by step guide to eat prawns correctly.

Step 1


To begin with, firmly place one hand on the body of the prawn and the other hand on its head. Twist the head to detach it from the body. Next, twist the tail of the prawn and remove that too.


Step 2


If your prawn has been served in its shell, then you will have to take it off with the help of your fingers or a fork. Simply put your fingers under the shell and remove it till the length of the belly.


Step 3


If you see a black line running down the prawn, then you will have to remove it with your hands. This is the intestinal tract and it is black in colour as the intestinal tract is full. 


Step 4


Although some people do eat the intestinal tract, it is always best to remove it. To remove the black line, simply run down the tip of your nail to take it out cleanly without damaging the prawn. 


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