Check out these 4 PERFECT food and wine pairings

Pairing food and wine can be tricky as it requires keeping a lot of components in mind. Have a look at 4 perfect food and wine pairings that you can use to perfectly complement your menu with the right kind of wine.
Check out these 4 PERFECT food and wine pairings Check out these 4 PERFECT food and wine pairings
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Wine is something that needs to be carefully paired with the right kind of food to perfectly enhance the experience. There are only certain foods that go well with a certain kind of wine. Perfectly pairing the right kind of wine with certain foods, is an art. There are many things that need to be kept in mind while pairing food and wine.

Such things include the herbs and spices of the dish along with many more. So we have for you 4 perfect pairings of food and wine that you must try to perfectly match the wine to the food and cherish the experience!

Mushrooms and Pinot Noir

Mushrooms have an earthy taste to them and thus, pair extremely well with pinot noir wine. Pinot Noir has a somewhat savoury taste to it and is light. It thus goes well with a savoury mushroom dish and will be the perfect accompaniment. 

Goat cheese and Sauvignon Blanc

Sauvignon blanc has a fruity and dry taste. It is crisp and light and has a high level of acidity along with a lot of citrus. It goes well with foods that are rich in flavour but light on the stomach. This white wine that pairs well with goat cheese dishes and appetisers.

Shrimp and Chardonnay

Chardonnay has a silky and sensual body and pairs well with dishes and flavours that are rich and creamy. It has acidity and is perfect to cut the richness of the buttery and creamy dishes. It goes well with shrimp scampi and with cream sauces.

Asian food and Riesling

Riesling has a light-bodied taste and is sweet. It has a great amount of acidity and sweetness and thus, pairs well with Asian dishes that have bold flavours and are spicy in taste. This wine balances the spiciness and thus, goes well with spicy dishes. 

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