Chef Marco Pierre White is all set to debut his India tour; Details inside

Britain's legendary celebrity chef is going to take centre stage in Mumbai and teach attendees how to make his signature dish!
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India's most coveted culinary festival "World on A Plate" is back and culinary legend and celebrity chef - Chef Marco Pierre White will be taking centre-stage at the festival. The festival is set to consist over 16 celebrity masterclasses, 25 pop-ups that have different cuisines, impressive cocktail teaching programs, fresh craft brews, desserts and so much more in just two days! 

At the event, star chefs from India and all over the world will come together to raise the culinary level in the country. The festival also aims to fight hunger in India by donating over 1,00,000 meals to underprivileged kids. Awards will also be given away by the world's most influential culinary artists to encourage upcoming chefs and culinary artists to do what they are doing the best. This season 4 is going to be the biggest till date. It will be an impressive and dream festival for any foodie to attend. 

Widely celebrated legendary chef Marco Pierre White will host two masterclasses at the event where he will teach all those attending his signature dish - Wild Mushroom Risotto alongside Executive chef Andrew Bennett. 

Some of the well-known faces from India who will be attending the event include Ranveer Brar, Vicky Ratani, Ajay Chopra, Saransh Goila and more. Mumbai's top 16 restaurants will also be competing at this festival for the "Wold on A Plate Restaurant of the year" and will be presenting their signature dish to Chef Marco. "I am waiting to see what Mumbai has in store for me - the culture the food," said the Chef when asked what he was looking forward to the most. He also mentioned how amazed and mesmerised he is by India and its old-school cooking methods and the country's historic culture. 

The event is set to take place on January 19 and 20, 2019 at High Street Phoenix, Lowel Parel. 

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