Chhath Puja 2020: 5 Traditional recipes to indulge in on this day

Chhath Puja is a festival, during which people worship the sun and thank him for protecting them. It is mainly celebrated in Bihar, Jharkhand and Uttar Pradesh. Here are some traditional dishes that are made during this festival.
Chhath Puja 2020: 5 Traditional recipes to indulge in on this dayChhath Puja 2020: 5 Traditional recipes to indulge in on this day
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The famous Chhath festival is celebrated in the month of Kartik. It starts with Kartik Shukla Chaturthi and ends with Kartik Shukla Saptami. The Sun God is worshipped on this day. People thank the Sun God for protecting them and nurturing them. They pray to the Sun for happiness and take his blessings. This festival is mainly celebrated in Bihar, Jharkhand, Chhattisgarh and Uttar Pradesh. The Sun’s sister, Chhathi Maiya is also worshipped on this day. The festival usually lasts for four days. 


On the fourth day of the festival, the devotees pray before sunrise and they break their fast by eating special feasts. While people religiously fast at this festival, they also prepare some traditional dishes to celebrate the festival. Here are 5 traditional recipes to indulge in on this festival. 



Thekua is the most popular dish prepared for Chhath puja. It is made using wheat flour, sugar, ghee and lots of dry fruits. Flour, sugar, clarified butter is kneaded to prepare a dough and is shaped into circular little balls. These are then deep-fried in oil or ghee. 


Rice Kheer


Traditionally known as Rasiyaw, this dish uses jaggery instead of sugar. It is prepared by putting rice, water and some milk in a pan and cooking it till it achieves the desired consistency. 




Poori is mainly an accompaniment to go with various dishes. It is made with flour and is fried in ghee.


This is a dessert originating from Bihar. It is prepared with fennel seeds, jaggery, ghee and some powdered rice.

Hara Chana

This Chhath special dish is made by soaking chana in water for an entire night. On the next day, it is lightly fried in ghee with some green chillies and staple four spices.

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