Why we are so excited about Christmas in Koliwada

Lovely hosts, traditional French cooking and candy canes in a shot glass, French brasserie Slink & Bardot’s Christmas Menu is all things nice and a little naughty.
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In conversation with Pinkvilla Food, the delightful duo Nick Harrison and Chef Alexis Gielbaum of Mumbai based French brasserie Slink and Bardot tell us how they named their holiday menu ‘Chritsmas In Koliwada’. Typically, a Koliwada refers to a colony of Kolis or fishermen in India. Right at the entrance of Worli Koliwada, Slink & Bardot serves traditional French small plates and exquisite cocktails in a breathtakingly beautiful bungalow. Perhaps not a conventional location for a restaurant that specializes in a niche cuisine, but the folk at Slink and Bardot are totally owing it. In fact, their Christmas menu borrows its name from the Koliwada neighbourhood. Laughing it off, Cofounder and Canadian restaurateur Nick Harrison says, “We did think of calling it Christmas in Paris, but we are not in Paris, we are in Koliwada. So why not call it Christmas in Koliwada”.

Christmas in Koliwada is a hand-picked selection of French dishes by Chef Alexis accompanied by Slink and Bardot’s winter cocktail menu by Nick. The European delicacies that are to be served have a special meaning to both Nick and Alexis. Christmas in Koliwada truly reflects the spirit of holiday cooking, a lot of dishes on the menu are traditionally cooked for friends and family during the holidays. The New Zealand Lamb Shank for example, is a popular choice for the holidays, chef Alexis recounts cooking this widely loved dish for his friends and family back at home.  We asked Chef Alexis and Nick to share their favourites from the menu:

1. New Zealand Lamb Shank

The lamb brought in from New Zealand is marinated in red wine and spices overnight, and it's served with celeriac purée and veggies sourced from Ooty. It's topped with fine black garlic.

2. Duck Pithivier

Another favourite of Chef Alexis, the Duck Pithier is a traditional French dish hailing from the town of Pithivier in the Orléans region of France which dates back to the 17th century. Originally pithiviers were made with sweet fillings, namely frangipane, but are now more commonly savoury.

3. White Christmas Mille-feuille 

What’s Christmas without gifts? This stunning dessert is all things Christmas. Stuffed with surprises inside a white box, enjoy this little holiday treat by Chef Alexis.

4. Sozzled Santa

Now, the winter cocktail menu at Slink and Bardot is all about old traditions and creativity.  From classic Mulled Wine to flirty shooters, you might not want to miss out on these holiday treats. Cocktail wizard, Nick Harrison takes inspiration from his childhood favourites and the love for eggnog to create the Christmas beauty aka Sozzled Santa. There is also candy cane on the menu, but with Nick’s special touch, or rather with some Vodka. Nick calls it Christmas in a shot glass and we can’t agree more.

The duo believes in staying authentic to the cuisine and French cooking style, each recipe on the menus have travelled all the France to Mumbai’s Koliwada. Watch the full video featuring Chef Alexis and Nick here:

Slink & Bardot, 329/A, Thadani House, opposite the Indian Coast Guard, Worli Village, Worli. Tel: 022 2430 1127. Open daily, from 6 pm to 1 am.

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