Cooking Tips: HERE's how you can make street style Chowmein with leftover gravy

Confused about what to do with the leftover gravy? Check out this delicious street-style Chowmein recipe that you can make it with the same.
Cooking Tips: HERE's how you can make street style Chowmein with leftover gravy
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Preparing dishes from left-over meals is quite common not only in India but across the world. Instead of throwing away food one can actually rustle up some interesting dish that can actually break the monotonous food routine. Most of us end up preparing more food especially when there is a get-together or party. So, instead of throwing it away whip up a dish the next day. Today we have listed out a recipe of street-style chowmein that one can prepare using your leftover Chicken or Paneer gravy.

Ingredients you need to make it
Leftover Paneer gravy or Chicken dish
One and a half cup of boiled and strained noodles
Two tsp finely chopped garlic
Half cup of chopped onion
One-third cup of tomato
Two tsp of oil
A pinch of sugar
Salt and pepper according to taste

Method to make it
1- Put a pan over the stove and pour oil in it.
2- Put some sugar in the oil and then onions in it. Fry them until it gets a light brown colour. Then add some salt to it.

3- Then add some garlic to it and wait for the onions to get caramelized. This will help the garlic to release its aroma gradually.
4- Then put tomato and fry all the ingredients until it releases oil.
5- Now put the leftover gravy or chicken in the mixture to saute it for a while.

6- When this mixture will get a thick consistency, add the noodles into it and saute all of them for a while. Tear the paneer or chicken pieces from the gravy to put it into the mixture. Add some salt and pepper to it for taste. It's ready now; serve hot!

So, from now on, don't worry about your leftover paneer gravy or chicken gravy.
Make this new dish and share your experiences below in the comment section.

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