Couples who travel together, stay together: 8 benefits of travelling with your partner

Travel is a major part of life. It rejuvenates the soul and helps in getting out of the comfort zone. Here are some reasons you should travel with your partner!
Food & Travel,travel couple,couple goals,travel as a coupleCouples who travel together, stay together: 8 benefits of travelling with your partner
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Travelling with the one you love helps you to open up to new experiences, meet and interact with new people and getting to know people from different countries, cities and cultures. While everybody has their own reasons to travel - work, leisure, pleasure, way of life, etc., travelling with your partner is a whole new experience in itself. It is therapeutic and helps connect with one self

But it is something completely different, when it comes to travelling with your partner. Travelling with the person you are in a relationship with, positively impacts your relationship and makes it long-lasting and exciting. Some of the reasons you should always be on the move with your partner, are:


Creates new memories

All your memories of yourself and your partner could be in the same place, the same old restaurants and cafes and parks. But doing new things, going to new places and experiencing new cultures helps in creating new memories and enables you to recollect interesting anecdotes from the trip, for years to come!

It makes you stronger as a couple

While you are travelling, there are many obstacles which you encounter. From venturing and probably getting lost in a new place, to having to compromise on things like living arrangements, food, sleep and more, things get difficult. A couple who can navigate through these difficulties without too much of a squabble, is sure to last. 

Improves your communication abilities

Couples who travel together inherently have longer lasting relationships because creating a travel plan no matter how small, requires adequate communication and a whole lot of planning. Disagreements may happen but at the end of the day, all the problems are laid out in the open and are dealt with by talking things out rather than shoving the problems under the carpet. 

Helps learn more about each other

Unfamiliar and new places bring you out of your comfort zone. Getting out of your comfort zones means you behave and react to situations in a different way. You will get to learn more thing about each other and probably be with a whole new person!

You feel safe

You are in a new city or country and are surrounded by people who probably don't understand the same language even. It can get daunting. But having somebody close, who you trust and know will protect you, matters. Travelling alone sounds fun and exciting, but travelling with your partner means that you will be safe even if things go bad.

Understand each other's limitations

Travelling and creating a travel plan involves a lot of research, planning and advance notice. It can be hectic if you want the trip to be seamless. One of you might be super organised, while the other might just want t go with the flow. By creating a travel plan and making a trip, you will understand each other's limitations and drawbacks and work towards being better for each other and compliment each others roles. 


Increases the romance in the relationship

Travelling is going beyond going to the theatre or for a dinner date. Being in a different place could bring back the crackle your relationship needed. Numerous studies conducted prove that couples who travelled together sad that the romance was alive in their relationship, as compared to those who never actually travelled anywhere together. 

Makes you realise the importance of what you have together

The destination you are travelling to is surely like paradise. But after a while, you crave to be back to the familiar surrounding the two of you have created together. You crave the familiarity of getting back to routine and your home and value what the two of you have created together, as a couple. 


Go get your calendar out and start planning that trip already!



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