Date vs Raisins: Health benefits and the difference between the two

Dry fruits are not only tasty, but they also make a good low-caloric snack option. Read below to find out how raisins and dates are essential for our body, and how they are different from each other.

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Date vs Raisins: Health benefits and the difference between the two
Date vs Raisins: Health benefits and the difference between the two
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Dry fruits, in general, are healthy for our body. They are packed with nutrients, are a great snack option, are heart-friendly and help keep hunger pangs at bay. But then there are a certain set of dry fruits, that not only help us with weight loss, but also help us improve our overall health. And two such dry fruits are raisins and dates. Both these dry fruits are known for their essential nutrients. 

Dates have a creamy texture and are excellent in coffee cakes, cookies, and quick pieces of bread. Being packed with iron, they are good for menstruation, hormones and hemoglobin. Raisins on the other end are made by drying grapes in the sun. They are a healthy alternative to unhealthy snacks and can be used to enhance the flavour of the recipe or as topping in food items. Both of them are good for health but have some differences. 


Read below to find out what is the difference between Dates and Raisins: 


1. Nutritional facts of dates



Apart from being a natural sweetener, this dry fruit is an excellent source of dietary fibre, protein, and potassium. 100 grams of dates provides – 8 grams of dietary fibre, 75 grams of carbohydrates, and 656 milligrams of potassium. Apart from this, it's also a good source of iron, niacin, riboflavin, calcium, magnesium, thiamin, vitamin A, selenium, folate, and vitamin K.

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2. Nutritional facts of raisins



Both black and brown raisins are rich in vitamin C, vitamin K, vitamin E, iron, vitamin B6, folate, thiamin, riboflavin, niacin, pantothenic acid, dietary fibre, manganese and copper. They also contain the following phenolic compounds – gallic acid, quinic acid, epicatechin, and catechin.


Health benefits of dates


1. Prevents Anaemia



Dates are packed with iron, which helps with anaemia. Iron is one of the main components of haemoglobin, which aids the blood to transport oxygen throughout your body. If you are deficient in iron, the body cannot produce sufficient haemoglobin, and you develop anaemia. And because of it's high iron content, dates are great for anaemia.

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2. Prevents allergies



Dates have organic sulphur, a compound which is bio-active and natural in the body. It helps to reduce seasonal allergies and reactions. So if you are someone who is prone to allergies, then you should consider adding dates to your diet. 


3. Healthy bones



Dates are a good source of magnesium, copper, manganese and selenium, which are essential to keep the bones strong and healthy as well as to prevent bone-related conditions, especially osteoporosis.

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Health benefits of raisins


1. Minerals for better health



Raisins have essential minerals which benefit nerve, bone, and skeletal health. Also, this mineral helps reduce the production of free radicals.


2. Aids weight loss



Raisins are packed with natural sugars, which are great to curb your sweet cravings. They contain dietary fibre that improves your satiety levels, ultimately, leading to weight loss. 


3. Maintains healthy teeth



Raisins have potent phytochemicals that can suppress the growth of oral bacteria, hence, improving your oral health.


Date or Raisins, which one is better? 




Both raisins and dates are packed with nutrition and health benefits and should be included in your regular diet. However, raisins are better due to their higher content of iron, vitamin C, vitamin B2, copper, and potassium.

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