Did you know Badam Halwa comes under Keto diet? Here’s the recipe

If you’re following the keto diet, the ancient sweet dish Badam Halwa could be a great addition to your list
Did you know Badam Halwa comes under Keto diet? Here’s the recipe
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The ketogenic diet is quite effective for weight loss. Essentially a high-fat diet, it includes at least 70 to 80 per cent fat, 20 per cent protein and five per cent carbohydrate. It has several advantages too as it helps you switch from burning glucose to burning ketones to gain energy.

Not only does it help increase your metabolism and muscle mass but also lower down the blood pressure and decrease the risk of heart diseases.

If you’re wondering what all foods can you consume, you would be surprised to know that the sweet dish Badam Halwa is also a part of ketogenic diets. Try this recipe curated by Keto India and add its flavour to your day.

Badam Halwa


-         ½ cup Almonds or Badam

-         ⅓ cup Ghee or clarified butter

-         Hot water to soak the almonds

-         Erythritol or stevia (As per taste)

-         A few saffron strands (Kesar)

-         ¼ tsp Cardamom powder or Elaichi powder

-         Few dry fruits (Chopped)


-         Soak the almonds in hot water for 30 minutes. You can also soak them overnight.

-         Peel them and transfer to a blender. Coarse grind them and scrape from the sides.

-         Heat a non-stick kadhai on a low flame, add ghee and the almond mixture.

-         Cook on a low flame for seven to 10 mins with occasional stirring.

-         Now add four tablespoons of erythritol or stevia to taste and one cup of hot water. Stir continuously.

-         Add some cardamom pods, chopped nuts and saffron nut milk.

-         Cook till the mixture thickens, separates from the pan and ghee oozes out from the sides.

-       Serve hot.

Interesting, isn’t it? Time to put your cooking hat on!

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