DIY Loaded Fries: Try THESE 5 YUM 3 ingredient topping recipes

Thin and crispy or thick and soft, fries are a treat for everyone. Here are the five yum 3-ingredient topping recipes that would go on top of your fresh and hot fries.
fries,loaded fries,crispy fries DIY Loaded Fries: Try THESE 5 YUM 3 ingredient topping recipes
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Whether it is a movie night, lunch date or midnight cravings, a bowl full of hot and crisp fries is answer to your every hunger pang. Baked or fried, fries have been an integral part of our childhood. Almost every food joint now has fries in their menu. 

As you dive back into your childhood, you will remember dipping your fries in ketchup. However, these days foodies are crazy about loaded fries. Ideal for super lazy weekends, loaded fries are fries covered in different sort of possible toppings other than ketchup.  

Here are 5 scrumptious 3-ingredient topping recipes that will go perfect with your fry.  

1.       Cheesy Pizza Topping  

Ingredients: Pizza Sauce + Cheese + Veggies 

To savour the best of both worlds, try this easy-peasy pizza topping. Loved by both children and adults, the ingredients that are used in the recipe are super easy to find. Just add some pizza sauce, cheese and toppings on your freshly fried fries and sprinkle some mixed herbs and chilli flakes. 

2.       Chatpata Masala Cheese Topping

Ingredients: Lemon + Cheese + Chaat Masala 

This tangy topping is perfect for all spicy-heads. The flavour of this topping is reminiscent of street food in India and are super easy to make. Squeeze some lime juice and toss in chaat masala and cheese before baking. Garnish with cilantro and diced onions. 

3.       Classic Cheesy Topping 

Ingredients: Cheese + Milk + Plain Flour

Give your taste buds a burst of cheesy flavours with the crunch of crispy fries with this recipe. Super easy and a classic topping, cheesy fries are loved by everyone. Heat plain flour and milk until there are no lumps and add cheese. There you go, super quick and yum recipe for all cheese-lovers. 

4.       Sizzling Salsa Topping

Ingredients: Tomato + Onion + Lemon

This salsa topping recipe offers authentic Mexican flavour that goes best with your fries. It’s super easy to make with three basic ingredients. Dice tomatoes, onions and squash them with a masher. Add lemon to the squashed the sauce and top with some cilantro and jalapeños.  

5.       Texas BBQ Topping

Ingredients: BBQ Sauce + Pickled Jalapeños + Cheese 

This super easy topping can be made within few minutes and are a perfect dip for your fries. This topping is super simple and mouth-watering. Semi bake the fries and add cheese to melt. Once they are cooked properly, add some BBQ sauce and jalapeños on top and savour the fries.