Do you love rice? This is what it does to your body

2 years ago  |  1.7M

Rice is our staple food. We love our dal chawal. All of Asia is known to incorporate rice in their diets in some or the other way. We Indians especially. We just can’t skip out on having some dal makhana and rice. We love rice more than anything and we just can’t give it up. But we forget how it affects our bodies in the long run. Rice has some benefits but it also has some harmful effects. We are so focused on providing for our taste buds that we forget everything else. Here’s how rice can affect your body in the long run.


Rice is high in carbs and therefore it provides our body with adequate energy. Rice is good for your health because it does not contain carbohydrates and thus it maintains the balance in our diet and prevents heart-related diseases. It also stabilizes your blood pressure because it’s low in sodium and does not do block your blood vessels. Rice is also known to boost the immune system and metabolism because of the high protein and vitamin content. It also reduces constipation and helps with problems like Irritable Bowel Syndrome. For people with diabetes brown rice is a great option. It helps keep their blood sugar levels in control.

Side effects

Due to the refined carbohydrates it has, it’s good only if consumed in limited quantity. These carbs exist in the form of starch that white rice has. Having too much white rice daily can put you at a risk of developing diabetes.  Refined grains are known to have a high glycaemic index which can spike the blood sugar level. It causes major fluctuation in the blood sugar levels and diabetic people are recommended to avoid it. Brown rice, on the other hand, is a different story. White rice lacks the fiber and nutrients that brown rice has and this makes brown rice safe for diabetic people. Everything is good in moderation. Because of the calories and carbs, it contains rice that can cause weight gain. It’s important to have a balanced diet when it comes to rice.