Do You Love Tea? THESE are the places in India that have the best tea gardens

Cannot go a single day without tea? Have you ever thought about visiting those destinations where your tea comes from?
Do You Love Tea? THESE are the places in India that have the best tea gardens
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India may be a land of varied cultures, languages, religions, cuisines and ethnicities yet we are all united by our common love for  a steaming hot cuppa. Most of us cannot imagine starting our day with a cup of deliciously brewed tea. Tea does not only have caffeine that boosts your energy levels and helps you stay awake, the antioxidant content in tea leaves have medicinal properties too.

Teas can help you detox, aid in weight loss, relieve constipation, maintain heart health and even give you glowing skin! If you have often wondered about what a tea plantation looks like, you should definitely set off to explore the various tea gardens located all across the country. It will be wonderful to witness the gardens that harvest your favourite beverage!

1. Darjeeling

The Queen of Hills is also an undisputed royal when it comes to tea. Long leaf Darjeeling tea is famous all across the globe for its delicious taste and aromatic fragrance. In fact, Darjeeling is the largest exporter of loose tea leaves to the western foreign markets. Dotted with beautiful hills and breathtaking tea gardens, you must visit Darjeeling at least once!

2. Munnar

The most unique aspect of Munnar tea plantations are that they are considered to be one of the highest tea plantations in the world! Munnar tea gardens also give you guided tours and take you on tea tasting adventures. The town also has several beautiful churches that must feature on your must-see list!

3. Assam

The oldest tea estate in Assam is The Cinnamora Tea Estate which was established in 1850. The tea garden is a must visiting during harvest seasons. You can learn how tea is harvested and walk among the scenic tea gardens.Do not forget to buy a pack of your favourite aromatic tea leaves when you head back home!

4. Ooty

The Nilgiri Hills in Ooty are home to several tea estates. You can even visit tea factories and watch how tea is processed. Visitors are given a brief tour of the tea gardens and taken for tea tasting. Ooty also has picturesque hills which make your stay even more enthralling!

5. Himachal Pradesh

Home to Kangra Tea, visitors are taken in by the greenery and beauty of these tea gardens. These tea gardens are not only glorious to look at, they are also a source of livelihood for a lot of people!

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