Does your child simply REFUSE to drink milk? Here’s how you can make the beverage YUMMY

Children vs Milk is a tale as old as time. And now it’s time to bring the rivalry to an end!

Updated on Nov 23, 2019 11:13 AM IST  |  1.6M
Does your child simply REFUSE to drink milk? Here’s how you can make the beverage YUMMY
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The first food that you child will ever sample is breast milk. But after six months of age, children are made to transition from breast milk to formula and the eventually cow’s milk. This can be a long tiring process for children and with time they seem to start detesting the taste of milk. This is obviously a cause of worry for parents. Milk is important for children for its overall goodness. The beverage is considered a “complete food” since it has good quantities of protein, vitamins, calcium, trace nutrients, fats and carbohydrates. Drinking milk regularly keeps children full and strengthen their bones and encourages muscle growth. However, if your child is unwilling to drink milk, forcing them to have the beverage anyway will not solve the problem! Unless your child is lactose intolerant, you must make sure that they drink an adequate amount of milk every day. Here are a few ways to make milk more appealing for fussy toddlers!

1. Try adding flavour to milk


Many children are put off by the smell and taste of just milk. The sight of plain white milk may not appeal to them either. Add saffron, vanilla, chocolate syrup or rose syrup to your kid’s drink. You could let them choose the flavour of milk for the day!

2. Smoothies will make drinking milk a smooth process


The best thing about smoothies is that your kid will get to have fruits and milk at one go! Blend cold milk with seasonal fruits and yogurt to make the beverage tasty and appealing to look at!

3. You could add cereals to their milk


Cereals soak up the milk and make the drink delicious. Cereals with low sugar content can be healthy for your kid since a lot of cereals have a good sugar content. This combo will also keep them full for a long time!

4. Make milk based desserts


If your kid just won’t drink milk, try making milk based desserts for her. Kulfis, kheer, puddings and milkshakes should do the trick. Don’t forget to watch the sugar content in these desserts, though!

5. Serve drink in fun mugs


Your kid could be refusing milk because they simply don’t like the plain old steel tumbler. Buy them sippy cups, fun looking mugs or colourful glasses to drink milk and watch the milk disappear in a matter of minutes!

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