5 EASY step recipe to make Sauerkraut at home

Sauerkraut is an interesting dish made by fermenting cabbage leaves. It has a distinct flavour to it and can be made easily at home without any fuss. So here is an easy recipe to make Sauerkraut at home in just 5 simple steps.
EASY 5 step recipe to make Sauerkraut at home
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Sauerkraut means sour cabbage in German. This dish is made with cabbage that is fermented with the help of salt. The fermentation process used in this makes it a beneficial probiotic for the body. It is incredibly easy to make and is safe to eat even after many months. 


It is said to have originated in China and it has a distinct flavour to it. Its consumption is good for health as it is rich in Vitamins like B and C. It is good for boosting immunity and promoting digestive health. Follow this super simple 5 step recipe to make this scrumptious Sauerkraut at home.

Step 1


Chop 1 kg cabbage in thin and long ribbon-like strips. Along with cabbage, you can also use some chopped onions, cucumbers, capsicums, radish and carrots.


Step 2


Put the cabbage and other vegetables (if any) in a bowl. Add 2 tbsp kosher salt on top. Coat the leaves of the cabbage with salt and massage it gently to let it absorb it.


Step 3


Once the leaves of the cabbage start becoming limp and watery, pack them tightly into mason jars. Push down the leaves with your fingers and pour the liquid that the leaves released after being mixed with the salt. 



Step 4


You can also put a cabbage leaf on top of the other leaves to make sure that they are covered in the liquid. Cover the jar with the lid tightly. For the next 24 hours, keep checking the cabbage and pressing it down every now and then to keep it immersed in the brine.


Step 5


Keep it away from direct sunlight and taste it every 2-3 days. Once it tastes sour enough, simply refrigerate it.


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