EXCLUSIVE: 5 Fusion recipes you can easily turn into your SIGNATURE dish by Renu Dalal

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EXCLUSIVE: 5 Fusion recipes you can easily turn into your SIGNATURE dish by Renu Dalal
EXCLUSIVE: 5 Fusion recipes you can easily turn into your SIGNATURE dish by Renu Dalal

You may not be a culinary expert, but having a signature dish does help. A signature dish is ideally something that you create in your own style, that you are known for and is associated with you. Now, imagine your signature dish being a fusion cuisine, one which combines different culinary traditions to create mouth-watering food. 
Renu Dalal, taking forward her mother Tara Dalal's legacy shared 5 special fusion recipes that are unlike the usual treats that are perfect for you to binge on or even impress your friends and family.
There's no better time like right now to master these dishes for when you can impress large gatherings with your culinary skills again!


Ingredients :

For the spinach puree:

4 bundles of spinach
½ tsp chopped ginger
½ tsp chopped green chillies

Other ingredients:
3 tbsp chopped onions
2 tbsp oil
2 tbsp finely chopped garlic
2 tbsp grated garlic
½ tsp turmeric powder
½ tsp garam masala
Salt to taste
½ tbsp chickpea flour
2 tbsp water

For the seasoning:
½ tbsp oil
½ tsp sesame seeds
½ chopped kashmiri chilli

Chop the spinach leaves and boil them in water for 10 minutes.
Remove from the vessel add the ginger and green chillies and blend in a mixer.
A spinach puree will be formed.

How to proceed:
In a vessel heat the oil, add the onions, garlic and saute for 1 to 2 minutes.
Add the turmeric powder, garam masala and saute for ½ minute.
Add the spinach puree, 2 tbsp of water and cook for ½ a minute.
Serve hot with naan or paratha.



6 tortilla rotis (can be purchased ready-made) 
2 tbsp oil 
6 tbsp pizza sauce

For the filling: 
1 cup French beans boiled and chopped 
1 cup boiled green peas 
1 cup carrots, peeled, chopped and boiled 
1 cup potatoes, boiled, peeled and chopped 
2 tbsp oil 
Salt and red chilli powder to taste.


For the filling:
In a vessel heat the oil, add the vegetables, salt and red chilli powder to taste. 
Cook for 2 minutes till done. 

For the wraps:
Spread 1 tbsp of pizza sauce over a tortilla roti. 
Place the vegetable filling on one side of the tortilla roti. 
Roll the tortilla roti and form a wrap. 
In a tawa heat the oil and shallow fry the wraps for 5 minutes on all sides.

To serve:
Cut each wrap into 2 pieces and serve hot with pizza sauce. 


Instead of tortilla rotis you can use homemade chappatis made from whole wheat or white flour.



4 khakhras

For the filling:
1 chopped red capsicum 
1 chopped yellow capsicum
1 chopped tomato
1 tbsp chopped onion 
½ tbsp olive oil
3⁄4 tsp oregano 
½ tsp chilli flakes
Salt to taste 

For baking:
8 tbsp grated cheese

For tomato and capsicum filling:
Heat the olive oil in non-stick pan 
Add the onions, oregano and stir fry for ½ minute
Add the tomato, red and yellow capsicum, stir fry for 2 minutes 
Add the chilli flakes and salt

How to proceed:
Place the filling on the Khakhras, top with grated cheese and bake in a preheated oven at 350 F (176 C) for 3 minutes.
Cut the khakra into slices using a pizza cutter.
Serve Hot




For the potatoes:
12 baby potatoes
Salt to taste
2 tbsp olive oil

For baking:
2 tbsp grated cheese

For serve:
Tabasco sauce

For the corn mixture:
½ cup white sauce
½ cup boiled yellow corn 
1 tbsp chopped onions
½tsp oregano
Salt and pepper to taste


For the potatoes:
Preheat an oven to 350°F (176°C)
Cut the baby potatoes into half. Apply olive oil and salt on the potatoes and bake in an oven for 9 to 11 minutes till the potatoes are done
Remove and allow them to cool 
Once they have cooled, scoop out the centre of each potato 

For the corn mixture:
Heat the butter in a vessel. Add the onions, oregano and sauté for ½ minute
Add the white sauce, yellow corn, salt and pepper, cook for 1 minute

How to proceed:
Place the potatoes on a baking tray, put some of the corn mixture in the centre of each potato. Sprinkle some cheese on top and bake in a preheated oven for 3 minutes at 350°F (176°C)

To serve:
Garnish each potato with a drop of Tabasco sauce and serve immediately.



200 ml condensed milk 
200 ml yoghurt 
3 peaches 
3 tbsp sugar


For the peaches
Peel the peaches and chop into small pieces
Boil them in little water with 2 tbsp of sugar
When the peaches are cooked allow to cool

For the yoghurt mixture 
Mix the condensed milk and yoghurt

How to proceed 
Place the peaches at the bottom of an ovenproof glass bowl or individual ovenproof small glasses
Pour the yoghurt mixture over top of the peaches
Bake the mixture in a preheated oven at 300
°F (149°C) for 5 minutes
Remove from the oven

To serve: 
Refrigerate the glass bowls or small glasses for 2 to 3 hours. 
Garnish with chopped peaches before serving. 

You can use tinned peaches if peaches are not in season. Remove the peaches from the tin and chop into small pieces
Strawberries can be used instead of peaches.
You can add extra yoghurt (100 ml) to reduce the sweetness if you like


About the author: Renu Dalal, daughter of the late legendary chef and cookbook author Tarla Dalal is the author of the books Simple and Delicious Vegetarian Recipes and Modern Vegetarian Recipes.

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