EXCLUSIVE: 5 Wonder foods to boost your gut health

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Gut friendly foods
5 Wonder foods to boost your gut health

We’re heading towards the most fascinating season when the temperature drops and cold wind hits the wishing bell to remind us to turn on our ovens to bake something comforting. Well, good comforting food doesn’t hurt, but it has become a perfect excuse to knock off the fences of gut health.

But, we’ve got an ice-breaker for you. Want to make a wild guess, what it could be? Ah, it’s the gut-loving goodies! You can enjoy them guilt-freely while nourishing your gut health.

To stay active and warm opt for these gut-friendly goodies. 


It might sound fancy, but oats are remarkably healthy and delicious. They are so rich in beta-glucan fibre, linking to healthy gut bacteria. Whereas it also helps to slow down digestion which inevitably controls your appetite and prevents overeating.

Satisfy your heartily craving with a gut-loving bowl of goodness.

oatmeal platter

Flax Seeds 

Don’t take a toll on your body, rather comfort it with the warmth of flax seeds. Well, who isn’t aware of how nutritious and healthy flax seeds are? It contains a high fibre content and is also known as ‘prebiotic’ and ‘probiotic’ foods which get broken down in the body, providing good bacteria to the gut’s microbiome.

The tempting nature of these seeds won’t let you resist your craving busters from having more of it.

flax seeds


Don’t confuse walnuts with just a tasty snack, you might get stunned knowing that it promotes the proliferation of good gut bacteria boosting health as well as reducing the risk of heart disease.

Don’t think twice now, replace your usual snack with these amazingly delicious and healthy nuts!

walnuts for gut


Beat the winter laziness with the insoluble fibre-rich prunes that help to keep your bowling movements regular. And not only that, its soluble fibre helps to moderate digestion and soak nutrients from your foods to make you free from bowling irritation.

Now, you seriously don’t want to miss out on these.

prunes for healthy gut


Reset your gut health with curd and raisins. Yeah, you’ve heard it right! The healthy prebiotics of curd and high soluble fibre content of raisins are perfect to promote your gut and improve gut flora. On top of that, the twinning of both also promotes the growth of good bacteria within.

So don’t wait, grab your indulgent bowl of healthy happiness!

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