Follow these tips to use yeast in baking

Updated on Sep 21, 2021 03:37 AM IST  |  91.5K
Follow these tips to use yeast in baking
Follow these tips to use yeast in baking

Yeast can be a pretty tricky ingredient to use. Yeast is basically a microorganism and is made up of a single cell. It is a type of fungus and is often used in baking. When used for baking, 

the yeast ferments the sugars and releases carbon dioxide. This carbon dioxide causes the dough to rise.


Dry yeast can be active or instant. Active yeast needs to be dissolved in water to be activated while instant yeast can be added directly to other ingredients. Check out some tips that you should keep in mind while using yeast in baking. 




When mixing yeast with liquid, make sure that the liquid is not too hot or too cold. In order to make the yeast work, ensure that the liquid is lukewarm to the touch. 


When it comes to storing dry yeast, it is best that you transfer it into an airtight jar and store it in the freezer. The extreme temperature will put it on pause and will help extend its lifespan. 




Yeast works best at 70-80°F. So when using water or mixing it in the dough, ensure that the temperature of the water is around 110°F, while the temperature of the dough should be around 70-80°F.


If you want to make the dough rise, then be sure to always check the expiration date of the yeast. Old yeast will not help in making the dough rise. If you don’t use yeast very often, then it is best to store it in the refrigerator to lengthen the life. 


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