Food Talk: Here's why Achar is the most undervalued thing ever

No Indian dish is complete without a dash of pickle. Be it mango or lemon, pickle is something that's prefered by everyone. If you love pickle, then read below to find out why it's time most underrated thing ever.
Food Talk: Here's why Achar is the most undervalued thing ever
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When it comes to food, there's one thing that is loved and undervalued the most, and that thing is achaar. The sweet, tangy, spicy achar (pickle) which is widely found in every Indian household, is always considered as a saviour. It's one side dish that always comes to your rescue. If you are not confident about your sabzi, serve it with some aachar to make the meal delicious. 


Eat it with chapati or bread, you can never go wrong with this achar. That's why that bottle of your 'dadi ke hath ka achar' is the most underrated food in your refrigerator. Like we all know it's there, but never truly value it. Here are some reasons why you should never underestimate the power of achar. 


All you need is an achar to complete a dish: 


Be it with Parathas, pooris or rice, you don't need anything else if you have a spoonful of achar on your plate. It completes the meal. 


Good replacement to sabzi:


Even if there's no sabzi, a sweet and sour mango pickle can be enjoyed with hot piping chapatis. 


They come in multiple varieties:


Be it aam ka achar, nimbu ka achar, Mirchi ka achar or gajar ka achar, you can make achar almost out of anything. 


Garlic pickle and rice:


This combination is highly preferred by people in South India. They love to have garlic pickle with almost all their dishes and cannot do without it. 


Keep hunger pangs at bay:


You can never go hungry if you've got a spoonful of pickle in your refrigerator. Eat it with leftover chapati, khakra, biscuits or even bread- it makes everything taste better. 


It takes care of non-vegetarian lovers also:


Who said you can only have aam ka achar or nimbu ka achar, people who love seafood can also savour prawn pickle. It's something that you cannot go wrong with. 

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