Food Talk: THESE dishes will provide you the much needed comfort in quarantine

We all are in self-quarantine right now and in this time of distress, the only thing that can make us happy is our comfort food. Read below to find out how you can make your favourite comfort food items at home easily.
Food Talk: THESE dishes will provide you the much needed comfort in quarantine
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Coronavirus is declared as a pandemic by the World Health Organisation (WHO), and so far the number of positive cases registered worldwide stand at 697,244, while the death toll has reached to 33,257. After China, Italy, the USA and Iran have been majorly affected by this pandemic. When it comes to India, the cases in India are on a rise too. India has so far registered over 1200 positive cases and to combat this PM Narendra Modi announced a 21-day lockdown across the country. It means that all of us are now in self-quarantine. 


Self-quarantining is stressful, but it has also given us some time to learn something new, focus on our physical and mental health and to slow down in life for a while. It has also allowed us to eat our favourite comfort food at home. We usually say that our comfort food is pizzas or burgers, but if we think about it, comfort food is something that makes our tummy go “Mmm, mmm,” and your mouth go “Hell yeah!” So, make use of this self-quarantine, make your comfort food and enjoy every bite of it. 


Here are some comfort food options that you can savour during the quarantine. 




Usually considered as a sick man's food, khichdi is wholesome and tasty at the same time. Hot khichdi with pickle, curd or papad is comforting and healthy. It's simple to make and is packed with fibre, complex carbs and other nutrients that are essential to the body. Here's how you can make simple khichdi at home. 


Rajma Chawal:


Rajma Chawal is much more than just being comfort food, it's an emotion. It's nutritious, healthy and has all the essential nutrients. It's easy to make, and you don't need any fancy ingredients for it. Rajma chawal is one ghar ka khana that most of us swear by. Here's how you can make it quickly at home. 




Be it 2 AM or 11 PM, Maggi has always been our comfort food all this year. And since you have some time in your hands, why don't you create a meri wali Maggi version at home. Here's how you can make egg Maggi at home with minimum ingredients. 




This popular Maharashtrian dish is healthy, filling and tasty. Poha is comforting with a cup of ginger tea, and you can add multiple things to it. Right from adding sev to pomegranate- you can make your comfort food the way you want it. Here's how you can make poha at home within a few minutes. 




The hot suji or atta halwa is everyone's favourite. You might be craving waffles and pancakes, but no one can beat a bowl of suji ka halwa with some chopped dry fruits drizzled on it. The fragrance of this halwa in itself is comforting and it's easy to make as well. Here's how you can suji ka halwa at home.


Dal chawal:


Many celebrities swear by this as their comfort food. One can never go wrong with simple dal and chawal. This dish has a different comfort level altogether and can again be made easily. Here's how you can make dal chawal at home.  


Chiwda Dahi:


A traditional comfort food from Bihar, Chiwda Dahi is beaten rice mixed with curd, occasionally sweetened with sugar. It again tastes heavenly, and you too should try this at home. Check out how to make Chiwda Dahi at home. 


In this time of distress, these food items will surely provide you the much-need comfort, so go binge on them right away. Also, tell us what is your comfort food in the comments below. 

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