French To Latin: 5 Striking Travel Words That Define Wanderlust Perfectly

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French To Latin: 5 Striking Travel Words That Define Wanderlust Perfectly

Words are never enough to explain what a traveller feels while starting a new journey. Wanderlust is characterized by a strong desire to travel, is related to the positive emotional aspect. As every travel story has its own charm, the word ‘wanderlust’ can never explain each travel experience. 

Learning about new cultures and societies from all across the world builds confidence in an individual. Interacting with different people from different backgrounds will erode any insecurity one has. There are beautiful languages all across the globe. From Latin to Greek, here are the six beautiful travel words from different origins that every traveller should know. 

1. Resfeber
Origin: Swedish
Meaning: The restless race of the traveller’s heart before the journey begins when anxiety and anticipation are tangled together.
Resfeber is the moment when you are planning the itinerary for your next travel destination with happiness, fear and excitement. 

2. Eudaimonia
Origin: Greek
Meaning: A state of being happy whilst travelling and everything feels great.
Eudaimonia is the intense excitement you feel when you go on one of the best adventurous journeys of your life.

3. Solivagant
Origin: Latin
Meaning: A solitary adventurer who wanders the globe alone.
Solivagant are the souls who travel alone to enjoy new countries, cultures and people.

4. Dérive
Origin: French
Meaning: A spontaneous and unplanned journey where the traveller leaves their life behind and allows themselves to be guided by the landscape and architecture. 
Dérive explains the small journey to a new city that takes you to great discoveries.


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5. Vagary
Origin: Latin
Definition: A whimsical journey.
Vagary is an impulsive action, desire or an idea to an unknown destination without caring or fearing.