Give green tea a break! Green coffee is the latest 'it drink' in town that helps in WEIGHT LOSS

Green tea has been the go-to for weight loss, for ages. Skip on the tea and let coffee take over. This healthier, safer and cleaner version of coffee is all set to become the next big thing!
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Ever looked at a celebrity and wished you had that body? Then tried everything from fasting to dieting to keto and even sipping on green tea to she those extra pounds and keep slim and trim? We have all been there and done that. To follow most of these diets, one basic item needs to be given up - coffee. It is quite a big sacrifice for those who live on it when they are working. 

Now, a new form of coffee has been discovered that is extremely healthy and does its job of giving you that caffeine kick. Green coffee is known to help double people's weight loss and has antioxidant properties. Looking to fulfil those new year goals? The time is now!

Green coffee is essentially coffee in its all natural form. It is nothing but seeds of the coffee arabica fruit that have not been roasted, which is why they are still green in colour. Instead of being subject to roasting, they are soaked in water. And because it is soaked rather than roasted, it is also considered a healthier variant of the beverage. 

When the coffee beans are roasted, it loses chlorogenic acid present in it, which is a very good source of antioxidants, which help in getting rid of free radicals from the bloodstream and organs. The raw coffee also helps in reducing the risk of cardiovascular diseases, diabetes and even Alzheimers! It is also known to increase weight loss by increasing the metabolism of the body and even slows down the ageing process of the body. This is what makes it a "negative calorie food". Extracts from green coffee have been used as supplements for weight loss, for many years now. 

Nutritionists and dietitians advice that the beverage should be consumed with a dash of turmeric which is sure to further improve your immunity. And if you are keen on a lot of energy to kick-start your day, take a shot of green coffee which is sure to instantly boost energy levels. 

And while studies are still being conducted on this new drink, conclusions are few and can be debated on. At the end of the day, it is a healthier alternative to the roasted coffee we usually consume and helps in shedding weight. If combined with regular exercise uniform consumption, it is sure to ensure positive results. 

Are you excited to try out this new weight loss regime? Comment below and let us know. 

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