Granola VS Muesli: Here's how THESE two breakfast options are different from each other

Planning to include muesli and granola to your daily diet? Read below to find out the difference between the two and then choose accordingly.
Granola VS Muesli: Here's how THESE two breakfast options are different from each otherGranola VS Muesli: Here's how THESE two breakfast options are different from each other
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When it comes to breakfast, most of us prefer having breakfast, that's healthy enough to kick start our morning in a good way. When we speak of healthy breakfast options, two things that always top the list are muesli and granola. Muesli and granola are not only tasty but they are healthy and are quite popular across the globe. Be it having with milk, yogurt or merely as a snack option these two food items never disappoint us. 

But did you know that in spite of looking similar, these food items are completely different from each other? Yes, if you are someone who thinks that these food items are similar, then read below to find out the major difference between the two. Also, check out which one should you choose based on their nutritional value. 


Difference between muesli and granola: 


Muesli and granola are made with grains, nuts, seeds and dried fruits, muesli unbaked, while granola is baked along with a sweetener and oil to bind the ingredients together.


Facts about muesli:

Muesli is more popular in Europe and is traditionally made with rolled oats and a mix of nuts, seeds, and dried fruits. Since it’s not baked, there is no need for added sweeteners or oils to bind the ingredients together. You can have muesli with apple or orange juice and milk.


It can also be cooked in milk and consumed as porridge. Muesli was first used for hospital patients because it was a healthy, easy to eat breakfast food. Being rich in antioxidants, muesli helps promoting a healthy lifestyle.


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Facts about granola:

Granola is usually stirred or sprinkled onto yogurt or served as a cold breakfast cereal in a bowl with milk. It’s also sweet enough that it can be eaten out of hand.


Granola became popular from the mid-1800s and was called "granula," known as a health food containing graham flour. Since granola is a rich source of carbohydrates, it provides gymming enthusiasts and runners a boost of much-needed energy.


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Granola or Muesli, which one is healthier? 

Both these breakfast options are good, but granola is filled with added sugars, dried fruits and oil, this makes it a bit unhealthy. Whereas muesli is uncooked, it often has less added sugars and oils, which makes it a healthier option.


Hence, a morning bowl of muesli can prove to be an energizing, and a more satisfying breakfast as compared to granola for those trying to cut calories and regulate sugar consumption.

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