Gulab Jamun Pancakes: People are losing their mind over THIS VIRAL food trend

There is no dearth of food innovations on the internet. From Dalgona Coffee to Mug Cakes, we thought we had seen everything during this lockdown. Well, we were wrong. Gulab Jamun Pancakes have arrived. Keep reading to know more!
Gulab Jamun Pancakes: People are losing their mind over THIS VIRAL food trend
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Unless you are living under the rock, you probably know everything about the strange experiments people do with Gulab Jamun. From Rajasthan’s Gulab Jamun Subzi to Cringy Gulab Jamun Pizza, Twitter has time and now introduced some weird and grotesque recipes with this dessert.

Just when we thought that there can’t be anything odd than these fusion recipes, a viral recipe of Gulab Jamun PANCAKES went viral. YES, YOU HEARD IT RIGHT! It might not be as bizarre as the pizza, but it’s definitely something.  

The video by Shreya’s Kitchen later made its way to Twitter. Millions of users commented on the video sharing their opinions about the recipe.

She basically created a pancake batter from the ready-made mix for Gulab Jamun. The video clip begins with a zoomed-up frame of mixing the pancake mix and water to create the batter and shallow-frying the pancakes. She then made the pancake syrup with sugar, water, rose water and cardamom powder. She then poured the liquid over the pancake and therefore she invented Gulab Jamun Pancakes with Chashni.

Watch the video to see for yourself:

After the clip was shared, it instantly went viral and netizens had mixed reviews of the idea.

Some people loved the idea:

While others were absolutely disgusted with the idea:

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