Have a sweet tooth? These are some Indian desserts that you MUST try

We all have tried the rasgulla and gulab jamun but there are a lot of amazing desserts that we don’t even know of! So, here are a few you should try for sure.
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India is known for its vast variety of cultures and cuisines. Indians are also known to have a sweet tooth and this is why our cuisines have a huge assortment of desserts. We are known for “muh meetha karna”. We always find occasions to eat something sweet. From curd with sugar before doing something good to besan ka laddu for our poojas, we love something meetha. Every Indian cuisine has lots of different kinds of desserts. Here is a list of must-have desserts that most of us don’t know about.

1. Phirni – It is rice pudding and has saffron. It consists of ground rice and is served chilled.

2. Kharwas – It is a Maharashtrian sweet made of the first milk given by the cow after giving birth. It is full of nutrition.

3. Bebinca – It’s a seven-layered baked traditional Goan sweet. It has coconut milk and egg and flour. It tastes best served with ice cream.

4. Raskadam – It’s a two-layered Bengali sweet made of khoya and sugar. It has small rasgullas inside.

5. Pitha – It’s an Assamese sweet made of rice. It is normally filled with something. It can be anything from palm syrup to grated coconut.

6. Naap Naang – Its black rice pudding made in milk. It’s a popular sweet dish from Nagaland. This dessert is full of fibre and can be eaten by diabetic people as well due to the black rice content.

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