#HealthyRecipe: Check out Quinoa Poha recipe for weight loss & other health benefits

Healthy Recipe: Are you looking for Quinoa based dish that will aid in weight loss, then you have to check out the recipe of Quinoa Poha right here
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Quinoa has been a popular buzzword in health circles of late thanks to its association to host of the health benefits. Even though it is quite widely used in many parts of the world, it recently got the status of superfood and more popularity. Speaking of its benefits and nutritional profile, Quinoa is gluten-free and high protein. Did you know it has 9 essential amino acids? Aside from protein, the food item is also packed with many vital nutrients such as magnesium fiber, iron, potassium, calcium, phosphorus and vitamins among others. 

Health-conscious people have been replacing rice with this grain because of the grain is an excellent source of so many nutrients. Coming to health benefits, quinoa, which is basically a seed, however, prepared like grains, has anti-inflammatory, anti-viral, anti-cancer and anti-depressant agents. And super fibrous and packed with protein, and we all know how important these two macronutrients are especially for weight loss Being low in  Glycemic Index makes it great food item for diabetics.

Today we are talking about Quinoa Poha. Yes, it is a unique spin to the popular Maharashtrian breakfast dish Poha which is usually made from flattened rice. The recipe of Quinoa is pretty much the same, just a few changes have been incorporated. Speaking of the ingredients, quinoa, chopped onion, curry leaves, mustard leaves, green chilies, turmeric powder, grated coconut, chopped coriander, crushed peanuts, boiled potatoes, salt, and cooking oil.

Check out the below-mentioned video to know the step by step guide of the recipe: 

One should follow a cooking tip while preparing any dish with Quinoa. The grain has a slight bitter taste. To get rid of that, rinse the grains thoroughly with water. If you are confused about the proportion then do not worry as you have to treat it just like rice. So one cup of quinoa will need 2 cups of water to cook it and it will take around 20 minutes to cook. 

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