Here are 5 COMMON baking mistakes that people often commit unknowingly

Baking is a joyous process that needs to be savoured. Getting a perfectly risen, divine smelling cake out of the oven is pure bliss. However, a few mistakes here and there can stop you from making the perfect cake.
Here are 5 COMMON baking mistakes that people often commit unknowingly
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Who doesn’t love a light, airy cake topped with cherries and icing sugar? There is so much joy to see your cake rising through the oven door and then checking with a toothpick if it’s cooked all the way. The most fun part is when you get to coat it with chocolate sauce and cherries. Baking is a calming, laidback and incredibly satisfying process. 

However, if done wrong, it can be pretty frustrating too. Trying to cluelessly figure out why the cake didn’t rise and trying to keep track of all the measurements is no child’s play. So here are some common mistakes that people unknowingly commit while baking. 


If you want your cake to be soft and airy, then don’t mix too much and too aggressively. Just mix enough to make sure the flour is smoothly incorporated.

Forgetting to preheat the oven

The oven should not be cold when you put your cake in as this will result in your cake not rising properly. So make sure to always preheat the oven before putting the cake in.

Opening the oven often

You have to resist the urge to keep on checking the cake. This will hamper the temperature of the oven and your cake will not cook evenly and in time.

The temperature of the ingredients

If you need your ingredients to be at room temperature before mixing them all together, then follow it seriously and wait for the ingredients to reach the right temperature and do not hurry the process.

Not waiting for the cake to cool down

This is too common a mistake. In the excitement of decorating the cake, we often don’t wait for it to cool down completely. This can lead to melting the frosting resulting in a gooey mess.

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Anonymous 4 weeks ago

Taking note of these. Thanks for sharing these insightful baking tips!

Anonymous 2 months ago

Thank u so much for this amazing recipe. It came out to be very delicious.