Here are 5 types of most widely used Squashes and ways to accommodate them in your diet

Squash is often used as a vegetable while cooking and can be classified in many ways. Be it winter squash, summer squash, gourds etc. Here are 5 types of squashes that are used most widely.
Here are 5 types of most widely used Squashes and ways to accommodate them in your diet
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Squashes are a kind of fruit. While cooking they are considered as a vegetable. These include pumpkin, zucchini, gourds etc. There are summer squashes and winter squashes. While summer squashes are partially ripe and eaten in summers, the latter ones are harvested in summer and have a tough exterior. Winter squashes can be kept for months after being harvested.


Further, these are classified into orange, green and yellow squash.  Squashes tend to mostly have a nutty, mild flavour. When cooked correctly, they taste delicious. There are many different types of squashes. So, here is a list of 5 most commonly used squashes.


This is the most widely used type of squash. Bright orange in colour, pumpkin can be used in a variety of curries, soups etc and is easy and quick to grow.

Spaghetti squash

This squash has a stringy flesh which separates naturally when cooked. It can be used to create spaghetti-like strands and is the perfect substitute for spaghetti.


It has a watery, mild taste. Zucchini is commonly used in salads and in baking. It is highly nutritious and can be eaten in many forms be it grilled, sauteed or steamed.


It has a similar taste to that of a sweet potato. It looks dull from the outside but is sweet and orange in colour from the inside. It can be used in soups to add flavour and richness.

Acorn squash 

Acorn squash is rich in Vitamin A and B and is a rich source of fiber. It is sweet and mild in taste and is a versatile ingredient to cook with. It can also be eaten in a roasted form after deseeding it. 

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