Here’s how to control your blood pressure with these 5 ayurvedic herbs

Blood pressure is one of the leading causes of death currently which is known as the silent killer. But along with a healthy lifestyle and the help of Ayurveda, we can control it. See, what Shreyansh Jain, Ayurvedic Expert and CEO, has to say about it.
Ayruvedic Herbs for High Blood Pressure Here’s how to control your blood pressure with these 5 ayurvedic herbs
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According to World Health Organization, around 1.3 billion people are living with hypertension or high blood pressure, one of the major causes of premature death worldwide. Also known as “silent killer”, hypertension is a chronic medical condition that increases the risk of developing cardiovascular problems and stroke leading to mortality. Poor dietary habits, stress, social and economic conditions, obesity, low physical activity, medical conditions, excessive smoking, or alcoholism can increase the risk of high blood pressure in an individual. However, there are ways to maintain blood pressure levels within the recommended range (120/80 mm of Hg) before it starts to deteriorate your overall health. So, one can manage the chronic condition with effective Ayurvedic herbs and keep the heart healthy. Shreyansh Jain, Ayurvedic Expert and CEO, talks about 5 Ayurvedic herbs that help control high blood pressure level.


In Ayurveda, ashwagandha is described as “Indian ginseng”, which has been employed in medicines for centuries to treat a variety of ailments. Ashwagandha is a rich source of adaptogens that tend to have a calming effect on the mind and help in managing high stress, which is one of the major culprits for high BP. When taken regularly, Ashwagandha can aid in managing the high blood sugar levels of people suffering from the diabetic condition as it has good glucose absorption capabilities. Moreover, Ashwagandha keeps cholesterol in check and strengthens heart health. You can take ashwagandha in the form of capsules or powder as per the guidelines of the nutritional supplement.


A flavorful herb packed with rosmarinic acid, thyme can actually help to reduce systolic blood pressure by inhibiting angiotensin-converting enzyme and thus regulate blood pressure levels. Thyme has a slightly salty undertone so it serves as a great alternative to salt, whose excessive consumption is linked with hypertension. You can include it as a seasoning in dishes to add taste and manage your heart health.


Packed with antioxidants and inculcating cardioprotective effect, arjuna bark supports heart health by toning heart muscles and enabling proper functioning of the heart. Arjuna increases exercise intolerance, improves HDL cholesterol, lowers cortisol hormone levels, and reduces blood pressure in people. Certain constituents present in Arjuna such as tannins and glycosides help in the dilation of blood vessels, improve blood flow by dissolving plaque, and manage heart problems such as hypertension, palpitations, and rapid heartbeat. Dissolve arjuna bark in water or milk and drink the mixture once a day after taking food.


Jatamansi provides multiple nutritional benefits due to the presence of potent chemical compounds such as carotene, elemol, angelivin, coumarin etc. The herb works to optimize the functioning of the heart and prevent any alterations in the lipid profile to regulate the circulation of blood in the body. Besides, the jatamansi churna or tablet can work wonders for the skin, nervous system, digestive system, and mind.


Cinnamon is a popular aromatic spice that has been used in herbal formulations for treating heart conditions since ancient times due to its anti-inflammatory, anti-bacterial, anti-oxidant, and healing properties. Besides enhancing the taste of the food, the ayurvedic herb lowers blood pressure by dilating and relaxing the blood vessels. Concentrated cinnamon supplements are a great option for lowering high blood pressure.

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