Holi 2021: 2 Refreshing drink recipes from Chef Dipna Anand to quench your thirst during the festival

Holi 2021 is going to be celebrated on 29 March. This is not just a festival of colours, but delicious foods and refreshing mocktails are also an important part of it. So, Chef Dipna Anand shares 2 drink recipes to get refreshed while playing with colours.
Holi 2021: 2 Refreshing drink recipes from Chef Dipna Anand to quench your thirst during the festival
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Refreshing mocktails have always been a part of Holi celebrations and when it comes to drinks for Holi, thandai is the most preferred choice of drink. But apart from that, there are many other drinks recipes that are equally refreshing and tasty to complete your Holi celebration. Hence, Chef Dipna Anand shares two exclusive drinks recipes to take your Holi celebration to next level. One is mango lassi and the other one is nimbu pani. Mango Lassi is a popular yoghurt-based drink which is said to have been originated in Punjab. Traditional lassi is made with yoghurt and water and can be either savoury or sweet. If savoury, it is often flavoured with roasted cumin and if sweet it can be left plain with sugar or flavoured with fruit, in this case it’s mango. On the other hand, Nimbu Pani translates to lemon water and is an absolute thirst quencher. In the North India, Nimbu Pani is also known as shikanji and it is a great drink similar to lemonade (without the fizz), which refreshes you on a hot and tiring day.

Mango Lassi

Serves 4-5:

260 g mango pulp 

300 g Greek yoghurt

5 tbsp sugar (add more if needed)

15-20 ice cubes

420 ml water

2 tbsp rose syrup (optional) to

garnish the sides of glass

1 mint leaf garnish (optional)


1. Put all the ingredients into a jug blender and blend into a lassi (smoothie) consistency with all ingredients thoroughly mixed together.

2. Add more ice if needed.

3. Garnish with your own style with rose syrup and mint leaf and serve chilled.

Recipe of Nimbu Pani

Nimbu pani:

160 ml sugar syrup

5 limes or lemons, or half and half. Lemons should be freshly squeezed

15-18 mint leaves

8-10 ice cubes

950 ml water

½ tsp chaat masala

½ tsp black salt

Sugar Syrup:

150 ml water

130 g sugar

Garnish Suggestion: 
4-5 sliced lime pieces, halved 

1. Firstly, make the sugar syrup by boiling the water and sugar together until it reduces and becomes syrup (this should take 3-4 minutes on high heat), once it’s made, leave to cool or cool quickly with a few ice-cubes.

2. To make nimbu pani, in a jug or large bowl mix together the lime and/or lemon juice, chaat masala, black salt, mint leaves, ice-cubes, water and sugar syrup

3. Combine the ingredients well together by mixing with a large spoon and pour into your serving glasses.

4. Serve chilled and quench your thirst.

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