Honey VS Sugar: Here's how THEY are different from each other

When it comes to food, we always try to replace sweet with something healthy. Like we try to replace sugar with honey. But is it healthy? Read below to know more.
Honey VS Sugar: Here's how THEY are different from each other Honey VS Sugar: Here's how THEY are different from each other
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Replacing sugar with honey is something that almost everyone around the globe is following. We usually think that replacing honey with sugar will not only save us a few calories but will also help us watch that weight. But honey and sugar are both carbohydrates composed primarily of glucose and fructose. Apart from this honey also contains enzymes, amino acids, vitamins B and C, minerals and antioxidants. Antioxidants found in honey anti-inflammatory properties, which may provide some health benefits. Sugar is derived from sugar beet and sugar cane plants. It has no added vitamins or nutrients.

With this, if you are someone who prefers honey over sugar, then here are some nutritional values and differences that you need to know between the two. These differences will not only help you choose between the two but will also let you make a healthy choice. 

Benefits of honey: 


Honey contains a higher value of fructose than glucose. Being sweeter than glucose, fructose can be used in a smaller amount in your food and beverages. There are traces of vitamins and minerals which are found in honey. 


Raw and unadulterated honey contains traces of local pollen, which may help desensitize allergic reactions. Honey further helps to fight germs because it has antimicrobial properties. 



Honey also helps with coughing and sore throats. It further helps in healing wounds and minor burns. Honey goes through less processing than sugar and can be eaten raw. Honey is easier than sugar on the digestive system.


Benefits of sugar: 


Sugar is low in calories and has a long shelf life, unlike honey. Being rich in carbs, sugar is a potential source of carbs. Sugar is used in baking and cooking and is low cost and easily accessible.



Sugar lacks added nutrients. However, brown sugar, which is a blend of white sugar and the byproduct of sugar manufacturing known as molasses, may have some trace minerals. There is no other use of sugar. 


Sugar or Honey, which one is better?


Both honey and sugar are sweeteners and have carbs. But in comparison to sugar, honey has health benefits and can be a good replacement of sugar. However, both if consumed in access can cause diabetes, weight gain and obesity. 

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